Houston Havens

The bodyguard



From the diary of Miss Havens:

I remember it was midnight when the phone rang. I picked it up to hear his voice; Sebastian Osborne, a sexy, independently wealthy self-made billionaire by the time he was thirty-five, had called asking if I’d like to spend the week with him and a few of our New York friends. Of course I said, yes. Sebastian was an interesting older man. He’d created some tiny little part they used on every shuttle that went into space. Whenever he’d fly into New York, I’d fly up from Miami to meet him. As usual, he was sending his driver to pick me up at the airport, but this time it wouldn’t be Eric, apparently he’d taken sick and Sebastian had hired a new driver. 

I heard my name called and glanced up from writing in my diary to look into the most seductive indigo colored eyes I’d ever seen. The young man standing before me radiated pure sex. “Are you Sebastian’s new driver?” I asked as his eyes fell shamelessly over me in a hungry sweep. I was instantly attracted by his strong appearance and raven-black hair that hung in a seductive curl over his forehead. 
He gave a cocky smirk that sent a shot of heat to my pussy. “No madam, I’m Cage, Mister Osborne’s bodyguard. He sent me to escort you to his home.”
“Really? He’s never sent a bodyguardbefore.”
Cage took my arm and guided me through the airport. “Mister Osborne has hired a new driver and until he knows the man can be trusted with his–” He raised one of his dark, suggestive eyebrow’s at me, “special guests, Mister Osborne has sent me to see you arrive safely.”
“Well, I’m impressed that he considers me so special. I guess being old friends counts for something.” 
His brow furrowed. “I had the impression you were more than friends.”
“No. Sebastian’s just a very good friend even though he’d like us to be lovers. I’m not ready for that. I like my freedom and plan on keeping it as long as I can.”
“I can see why.” Cage slid those indigo eyes over me again. I was wearing what I called my diaper dress. It was a crepe dress that I’d designed to tied around my breasts then drop down the length of my body that I pulled up and tucked between my legs and tie the bottom end around my waist. The style left my back exposed and gave supreme view of my super, long legs. It was a subtle way of stealing the attention of a producer, photographer, or fashion designer when put in a room full of other models. It was a simple dress that drove men crazy trying to see if I wore panties. And I could tell Cage was wondering just that as I caught his gaze roaming down my thigh one more time. 
As a tingle of excitement ran through me I stammered, “Ah, my luggage is down stairs at baggage.”
His warm hand pressed against the flesh of my lower back, and I felt my heart pick up in beat. Was it my imagination, or did I feel his thumb stroke over my back? “Don’t worry, I already sent Luke, the driver, to get your luggage. Step this way Miss Havens.”
I followed his lead sneaking a glance at his cute ass, and flushed when he caught me looking. He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me through the crowd of an arriving gate toward the elevators. We waited only a few minutes for the doors to open. A rush of people filed out in a hurry to catch their planes. Cage blocked anyone from bumping into me with his broad shoulders. Once the elevator was empty, I felt his arm circle around me, guiding me to the back of the elevator toward one corner to stand. He stood facing me, his back to the rest of the crowd. 
As the people crammed in to the tiny space his body pressed into mine, our eyes met. His succulent mouth parted, and I fought the draw he had on me. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to feel his sculptured lips all over me. My blood raced when his head fell forward as if to kiss me. I placed my hands on his chest; feeling nothing but hard muscles beneath his cotton shirt. His eyes sparkled with lust as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip. My gaze followed that wet, seductive path. My pussy twitched and heated with desire. I wanted him and he knew it.  
His deep voice drew me back to the reality that we stood in an elevator full of people. “Sorry about this. I had hoped to get you out of here before the other gates disembarked. It’s always like this at JFK.” Someone grunted in agreement as the elevator doors opened. Just a few people got out, but it gave the rest of us a little breathing room. Cage backed up a step, but he was still too close for me to breath. His cologne was intoxicatingly alluring. He raised his arm to straighten his disheveled tie, but the back of his hand brushed against my breast. I gasped at the contact. I was braless and the thin, crepe material did little to hide my now hard nipples. 
“Are you cold?”
“No.” I shot what I’d hoped was an indignant glance at him, but his amused smile and cute facial dimples rendered me powerless. This man was too sexy, too confident and way too cocky for me, but he was turning me on big time. I was shaking I wanted him that badly. As if catching on to my thoughts, he braced his hands on each side of my head and pressed in toward me, tilting his head at a sexy angle. I drew a deep breath and prayed I didn’t press up on my tip-toes to kiss him, his charisma was that strong. The man should have been a rock star not a bodyguard. I abutted my hand against him again. “Need I remind you, we’re in a full elevator?” I whispered up at him, but I know most of the others heard even though they were pretending they hadn’t.
“It’s my job to guard your body, Miss Havens. That’s why they call me a bodyguard.”  
A man somewhere at the front of the elevator snickered then groaned as if someone had hit him in the ribs. Thank god the doors opened again and most of the people got out. When Cage moved away from me I could see only two older women remained with obvious disapproval written all over their pinched faces. One of them even huffedat him and I had to hold back my laughter. I was grateful when another stop came and Cage pulled me from the elevator. He said to the two older women as the doors closed, “Good evening ladies.” 
Feeling a little strongernow that I wasn’t pressed against him, I dared to say, “Who did Sebastian send to protect me from you?”
His grin widened, the arrogant smirk on his handsome face told me he was quite aware of the stir he’d caused in me. The moment we exited the building I saw one of my bags disappear into the trunk of Sebastian’s waiting limo. And got a quick glimpse of our driver, Luke, a Brad Pitt look-alike if there ever was one. I looked toward the back and saw him leaning around from the rear of the car, eyeing my long legs as Cage ushered me into the limo. He followed me in as the driver finished putting my luggage into the back. Before I could get settled, Cage leaned toward me and said, “Do you want protection from me?”
I crossed my legs against the wetness forming there and hoped to keep myself from kissing him right then and there. “I needprotection from you.”
“That’s not what I asked.” He leaned in closer, his lips so close I could smell the sweet scent of wintergreen. “I asked if you wanted protection from me?”
It felt as if all my breath had left me, how did I answer such directness? Suddenly the driver’s door opened and the sandy-blond driver slid into the front seat, eyeing me from his mirror. Cage noticed Luke’s interest and rolled the smoky glass partition up so he couldn’t hear or see us. Cage cupped my chin and pulled my attention to him. “You haven’t answered me yet?”
“And I’m not going to.”
“Because you don’t know what you want, or because you don’t want to admit to the instant sexual attraction?” He slipped his hand behind my neck and brought my mouth to his. 
I didn’t stop him. 
Our mouths fused together in a joint hunger of lusty passion. I liked  the way he kissed and I wanted more. As I deepened the thrust of our battling tongues I felt his fingers pull the tie at the back of my dress. He broke away from the kiss and pressed his words to my ear. “You look too fucking sexy in this dress. I can’t resist you.”
“I don’t want you to.” I pulled his blazer off and yanked at his shirt, quickly making my way down to his belt buckle. He stayed my hands. “Give me a minute.” He pressed a button on the door’s side panel. The privacy window lowered. “Luke? Take the longest way you can into Manhattan.” He rolled the glass sheet up, falling back into the seat he pulled me against him. “Do you want to fuck or just make-out?”
“What about him?”
“Don’t worry, Luke’s an old friend of mine. I got him this job. He knows to be discreet.”
I smiled, “No…you don’t get it. I want you both. Why settle for the cock of one man when I can have two?” 

Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

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  1. ohhhh!!! Can't wait to read more.


  3. wow, quickly rushes to page 2, mmmmmmmmmm

  4. Donna…lol…you're so sweet! Thank you for the nice complements! BTW I love your icon! I'm writing a series (do out soon ~ I'll announce on Tweets and here) that has faeries in it….it's a "high sizzle" erotic series that I now know you're going to love…since you like these "tame" pages of my diary…LOL.More soonkissesHavens

  5. Well, well, well…. I seem to have found Houston’s diaries. Nice!

  6. lol … ah ha snooping around are you? See! I told you you should have gone into modeling! *wink*

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