Houston Havens

The Bodyguard: Page Two


“Are you serious?” He looked a little surprised when he asked.
“Of course.”
He turned away from me. His indigo eyes canvassed the passing scenery. His long fingers reached for then pressed the button to lower the privacy window. “Luke?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Take a detour to Saint John’s Cemetery off Queens Blvd.”
“Saint John’s Cemetery? Oookay, but then we can’t take the Williamsburg Bridge.”
“That’s fine. Queen Boulevard will take us right to the Queens Borough Bridge into Manhattan.” 
If by intent or by mistake Cage left the privacy window down and moved back to hold me in his strong arms. I felt my body heat with excitement as he searched my eyes for an answer. “You sure you want to do this?”
The devil that I am, my answer was a titillating French kiss. He responded, stroking his tongue against mine in a fevered battle that made my pussy twitch with a stimulating warmth. His hands glided up my arms to uncross the hold I still had on the top of my dress. 
“Luke?” Cage called out to our driver. “Get us to where we need to be and then join us in a menage, will you? The lady here has a need only you and I can take care of.”
“Yes, Sir.”
My eyes darted toward the front of the limo. Luke’s eyes held mine for a second before he glanced away. I felt a tingle between my thighs. I liked knowing he was watching. I murmured, “Suck them,” to Cage arching my back just a little as the fabric fell to expose my breasts for Luke’s mirrored gaze.  
His head blocked my view of Luke’s hungry eyes as he sucked my nipples to hard peaks, making me moan at the delicious sensations. His tongue swirled around my nipple making it hard as I ran my hand up under his shirt to feel his hard muscles hidden under smooth skin. 
His head came up and kissed me again before moving on to my neck. I loved having my neck kissed by his skilled lips. 
They were as soft as velvet. He used his intoxicating lips seductively, caressing the flesh along my neck with demure pecks, before latching on in a gentle suck then blazing down to the groove where he made me squirm in arousal with his vampire-like bite. 
I glanced back toward the front of the limo; a little disappointed Luke wasn’t watching. I pulled Cage’s shirt off and caught Luke’s glance before he returned his lust-filled eyes to the road. Cage untied the knot at my waistband, tossing the long sheet of material to the other seat. His gaze fell to my lacy, white thong. “Sexy.”
“I’m glad you approve.” I giggled taking them off as Cage removed his pants. 
I couldn’t wait to suck his beautiful, hard cock. I heard him moan as I slipped my mouth over the large head and down his lengthy shaft. I flattened my tongue along it as I sucked my way back up to the top, where I swept my tongue around the head and flicked it over the sweet spot, making him groan in pleasure. 
My head bobbed up and down as I sucked and licked his throbbing cock. My mind bursting alive with the erotic power I held in my hand, and my body ablaze with a lusty wetness from the cock in my mouth. 
Sex is addicting.
The limo swerved. Apparently, Luke had nearly missed the  turn-off.
“I know it’s tempting to watch but keep your eyes on the road, man.” Cage grumbled as he propped his hand against the door for balance. 
I released his cock and he moved in the seat so I could straddle him.   
My wetness encased his shaft like a starving barracuda. I moaned at the glorious fullness inside me as he stroked his cock in and out, slowly tantalizing me with his size. 
I swept my hand over his six-pack stomach, the man was all muscle; well able to protect me and well able to satisfy me with the muscle that counted the most. 
I moved into a squatted position so I could ride his cock with ease. His hands worked my hips as I pounded up and down, my heavy breaths filling the limo as I pumped, bringing myself to a climax. “Oooh, yes! Oh god, this is good.”
Cage gripped my hips and forced me to stay down. “Easy. I’m going to explode if you move.” 
The thought tempted me to try, and when I did he slapped my hip. “Bad girl!” He circled his arm around my waist and rolled me beneath him where he now held all the power. He taunted me with slow torturous strokes.
I grabbed his hips, pushing and pulling, “Pound me faster. Harder.”
Cage gave an amused snort while controlling his thrusts, keeping them at the same slow and steady pace. “I’m just warming you up, Darlin’. I’ll get things going hotter once Luke joins us. So relax and enjoy the ride.”
“Nooo, I don’t want to wait. Fuck me.” I gripped at his wide shoulders. “Please…fuck me harder.”
“Yes, Sir?” He sounded breathless as the limo took a sharp left.
Cage’s deep voice set a fiery desire within me as he said, “Our lusty lady isn’t going to wait much longer.” Cage withdrew his cock and I protested until I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips apart exposing my wetness to his warm mouth as his tongue glided up and down my pussy. 
“Oooh god.” Damn, the man knew how to swirl that tongue in the right places. Tingles rushed through me as he sucked the button of my clit until my body shuttered in climax. 
But my sexy bodyguard didn’t let me rest, he darted his tongue in and out of my wet slit, before dragging it back up to my clit. I couldn’t stop the gasps and moans of ecstasy that were escaping me. 
In my haze of decadent pleasure I felt the limo come to an abrupt stop and heard Luke exit the car. The next thing I knew the side door opened and Luke stepped in having already removed his hat, coat, shirt, and tie. Once inside he dropped the rest of his uniform and to my surprise and much pleasure he was as well endowed as Cage. 
After a stolen kiss on my swollen lips Luke scooted in behind me, picking me up just enough to recline my back against his hairless chest so he could play with my breasts while placing hot kisses up the back of my neck. I moaned at the deliciousness of all the attention being paid to my breasts, neck and pussy, I was in heaven or so I thought until Cage got up and sat beside me; dick standing straight up like a flag poll.
He patted his thighs. “Come on up, babe.” 
I crawled over Luke’s muscled leg and quickly slipped my pussy over Cage’s cock. “Aaah! Nice.” I glanced at Luke. “Come on, let’s rock! Get ball’s to ball’s boys.” 
I flipped my hair back and rocked my hips as Luke got up and moved in between Cage’s legs to kneel behind me. Cage’s hand controlled me by my waist while Luke’s worked my hips. 
I’m not sure what Luke used to slick up his finger but it slipped right into my rim. I groaned as my delicate anal walls responded to the silkiness of his entering finger. He worked it in and out, just asCage was working my pussy with his cock. The duel sensation was mind blowing…I felt  like a nymphomaniac…I needed more of this. I wasn’t going to be restrained. I reached back and grabbed Luke’s cock, pulling until I got it abutted to my anal opening. “Fuck me!”
Without another word Luke eased the head of his cock in. I tensed. The first penetration is always a virginal experience, but I knew a trick, told to me by a dancer friend of mine, to open that hole up. 
As Cage masterfully pumped my horny pussy, I stimulated my clit which caused my anal muscle to relax enough for Luke to get the rest of his cock in. 
Once he started his gentle stroking I took the glory ride up, higher and higher. I was turned on hot with the images of their balls slapping against each others, as only my thin membrane separated their rubbing cocks…it was a heady and sumptuous picture that sent my body over the edge.
I screamed in climax as both of them filled me with their bliss.

Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

5 thoughts on “The Bodyguard: Page Two

  1. How very naughty…love it!! 😉 Looking forward to the next installment

  2. LOL…it's coming soon.Thanks for stopping in today, Elaing8!kissesHavens

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  4. that was so damn exciting……..want more……..xxxxxx

  5. Donna Welcome to my blog…as you can see I've just opened but I'm ready to expose all my secret from my diary…more is coming soon! So watch my tweets I'll announce it there or come back here.I'm turning the page now…LOLkissesHavens

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