Houston Havens



Last chance to change your mind.” He swooped me up into his powerfully muscled arms.

Face to face with this handsome pilot I murmured as I scanned his strong jawline, wanting to run my fingers over it, “Now why on heaven’s earth would I want to do that?”

He carried me around the back of the plane to the other side where he took me aboard through the passenger’s entrance. The galley was right in front of us, a perfect spot for our afternoon matinee, I thought, but he turned right before releasing my legs from his cradling hold. I now stood in the aisle encased in his arms as he hungrily kissed my throat and upper breasts while his hands slowly drew down the side zipper of my skirt.

With a firm tug the fabric fell to the floor. I felt the heat of his fingers slid under my blouse to find my breasts. His hands were intense as they fondled my hardening nipples. I grabbed his face and gave him a deep, slow, seductive kiss and heard him groan from deep within his chest.

His caress fell and pulled my mound into his erection before returning to remove my blouse. He didn’t waste time unbuttoning it, instead he pulled it over my head and dropped it to the floor. His unwavering eyes ogled my nipples before he hiked me up into his arms. With my legs straddling his waist he placed me gently into one of the seats and removed my lace panties, spreading my limbs apart. He then knelt between my legs and ran his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs making sure to brush against my wet pussy lips with each pass he made to the top of my crotch.

“Let me see that Italian stallion.” I reached for him but he brushed my hands away, shaking his head ~ No.

“To ride, you’ve got to tame the beast first.” He pulled a bandana from his back pocket and placed it over my eyes, knotting it at the back of my head as he said, “And there’s only one way to do that…through touch.”

Being blindfolded was a new experience for me, but I was game. I heard the slid of his boots come off and fall to the floor. I felt my body warm with excitement as I visualized my lusty pilot’s sexy body. The metal jumping of a zipper being drawn echoed to my heightened hearing, causing my heart to race. The soft thump of his black jeans hitting the floor caused my pulse to pump with anticipation.

I felt his body heat permeate my aura, so he was now hovering over me. The moment I felt the silky flesh of the head of his cock brush across the base of my throat I latched on to it and slid it against my cheek.

“It’s so warm.” A wave of desire coursed through me as I felt the satin hardness of his cock’s head stroke across my bottom lip. I opened my mouth ready for a hungry take, but groaned at the absence of his cock when it didn’t immediately pass over my lips. “I want it.”

His deep voice taunted. “Seduce me with your touch, words, and desire.”

“Why the blindfold?”

“So you’ll feel with your soul not your eyes. So far, do you like what you feel?” He tapped his cock over the fleshy part of my upper breasts.

“Your cock feels gorgeous. I’d like to see it.”

“But you can’t…it takes heart to tame the wild not sight.”

So, I took his challenge. Determined, I reached out and found his cock.

Of course, the lack of sight enhanced everything; his skin seemed softer, his cock seemed bigger, and my sense of smell was stronger. Everything was magnetized which added another layer to my erotic afternoon.

Holding his cock in one hand I traced my fingers down his long shaft, it felt silky. He responded with a jerk that made my lusty side flourish. I circled my grip around his rod and brought it to my mouth.

“No, no.”

Because he didn’t let me suck that beautifully hard cock, I licked a wet path down the length of his rod then cradling the head in my hand. I rubbed it across my lips allowing my hungry tongue to take tasty swipes as I moved his cock across my cheeks, feeling the heat of my sexy pilot along my face. “I love the way it feels against my skin.”

“I like the way you hold my cock and rub it across your face.”

“I want to taste you.”

“Go ahead,” he moaned and I brought his cock to my mouth where I buried it throat deep. I sucked and continued this slow form of titillating hide and seek until moisture penetrated my thighs.

I was getting the hang of this “taming” and it was turning me on.

I moved his cock over my flesh, rubbing the slick shaft along my jaw, enjoying the sensations of his skin against mine. I taunted his now swollen head, trailing it down my throat to my breasts. I teased my nipples with the warm tip before bringing it back to my mouth for another taste. My pilot’s moans were as heavy as my own. I thrust his cock deep into my mouth once again and sucked.

“Oh god.” He withdrew and I felt his fingers glide along my inner thigh up to my pussy. The tingle I got when I felt his touch separate my pussy lips was like a pulsating star; wave after shockwave rolled through me.

“Taste me,” I urged and jumped when I felt the heat of the tip of his tongue flick over my clit. “Yes!”

He anchored me by my hips into the soft white leather passenger seat as he sliced his tongue up and down my slit. I groaned, not caring who heard out on the Tarmac. The man’s tongue was working miracles on my clit.

He’d started his enticing licks down at my wettest point, slowly working his taunting strokes slowly up between my folds. When he got to my clit he’d swipe over my hard bud making me gasp and my body shiver for more. He swirled his tongue several times over my sex button until I felt my body climb to a higher level of stimulation and my mind exploded with every ounce of desire I’d ever felt. He had me. I clamped my thighs around his head and came.

My lover hadn’t come yet. So, with every ounce of energy I could find I released him from my hold and blindly traced my fingertips over his muscled chest, taunting him as he’d teased me. I pinched his nipple making him moan then worked my way slowly down his smooth body to his balls, I cupped them in my palm testing their weight; they were heavy with his seed. I tickled my nails under them, teasingly along the sensitive flesh between his thighs.

He groaned and I knew he was close to coming because his breathing came in heavy pumps.

“Fuck them.” I place his cock between my breasts and squished them around his erect dick. At first he stroked his cock slowly between my fleshy mounds but as the tension built between us he started thrusting wildly. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute.  “Oh, this is hot. You’ve got to fuck me.”

He pinned my arms to the back of the chair and thrust his cock into my mouth. “Do you want me to fuck you like this or in that beautiful, wet pussy?” He pulled his cock out of my mouth and removed my blindfold so I could watch him stroke his hand up and down his shaft while waiting for my answer.

“I want you to ride it. Hard.” He swooped me up and took my place in the seat and set me atop his lap. The head of his cock pressed at my pussy’s opening. “Take all of it.”

I slowly slide my wet pussy down his shaft…letting my sensitive walls absorb every thrilling inch of him. He was so large, the size of him took my breath away on entry, but my desire made my pussy adjust quickly. After a few accommodating strokes I was in heaven. I scooted up from my knees to my feet, squat over his cock for more control. I wanted his cock deeper in me and I wanted harder thrusts, in this position I got exactly what I wanted. He drove long and deep matching my rhythm. With each pounding thrust he made he inched me closer to my peak until he made me scream with my first G-spot orgasm.

Oh, I’d tamed his stallion, joined the Mile High Club on the way to Milan and all while he tamed my filly!



Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

2 thoughts on “THE PILOT PAGE TWO

  1. Another hot one.Keep 'em coming 🙂

  2. Elaing8…thank you for all your comments, it means so much to me to be able to chat with those who enjoy my writing. Soon I'll be posting one of my book excerpts. So come back soon.Kisses Havens

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