Houston Havens


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Oh my god…the man was about to reject me. “Shoot.” I gulped fearing the worst.
“Do you want to take that ride now or in the morning?”

Was he talking about my riding the horse or him? “To be honest with you Vance, I’d like to ride now and in the morning. Will that be too much trouble?”

He slid his hands up the outside of my legs. “Not at all Ms. Havens.”

“Call me Houstie.”

I felt his fingers slide around my rhinestone hips and pulled me closer to press his warm lips to my stomach then murmured, “Houstie, you sure know how to put a surge in a man.”

I gave him a smile ~ you know that special smile every girl uses when she’s roping in her cowboy. He pushed his back into the sofa as he stretched his long legs out, guess he was feeling a little taller, because he smoothed his pants down his thighs like he needed more room.

I raked my fingers over the back of his neck before gliding them up to remove his black Stetson and placed it on my head. He glanced up, raking his eyes over his ‘city’ cowgirl in rhinestone panties and his cowboy hat. I kicked my Marabou bedroom slippers off as I said, “I’m looking to take a nice…” I straddled my legs around his knees as I stood before him. “long ride…” I moved in using my hands on his broad shoulders to balance myself as I slipped down to straddle my knees to his hips and let my pussy rub over his jean covered erection, as I  conveniently brought my breasts temptingly close to his mouth.

“Are you comfortable, Ms Havens?” His deep voice usually clothed in proper cowboy manners was now naked with a lust he couldn’t hide.

I wiggled my ass, enjoying the feel of his hard on pressed against my clit. “To be honest Vance, no I’m not.”

He cleared his throat. “I’ve always found an unhappy woman to be trouble, Ms Havens. And I know most women when asked what the problem is, usually won’t come right out and say so. They tend to sulk if the man can’t figure it out on his own. So, let me take a wild guess at your problem.” He circled his hands around my waist and lifted me off his lap. He set me down to the side of him and stood up. Like a sexy cowboy, he reached down, tipped his hat back on my head and placed a warm kiss on my wanton lips.

On standing back up, he reached for his tobacco and hand rolled another cigarette while I anxiously watched. He knew I was itching to get to his cock, but he was playing with me, seeing how long he could make me wait for his impaler.

Once the cigarette was secure in the corner of his mouth, squinting his left eye against the smoke, he reached up and ripped the snaps on his western shirt open. I gasped as he pulled the tucked ends free from his jeans; exposing his beautifully tanned chest. Skimming my hungry gaze over every bulging muscle that formed his six pack stomach.

“Ooh, very nice.” I cooed as the moisture between my legs heated up.

His sexy eyes twinkled as he took a long drag off his cigarette. I felt faint, my heart was beating so hard. He blew the inhaled smoke out through his nose looking like a bull in heat as he slowly undid his silver-buckled, Mesa County, Rodeo Champions’ belt.

Unable to contain myself I reached for his jeans and he tapped my hands away. “I realize you city folks do everything in a hurry, but here…we do things different. Ms Havens I intend to take my time with you and make sure you’re happy when I’m done.”

My blood zipped to running at warp speed through my veins. He crushed out his cigarette, unbutton and then unzipped his dungarees. He opened his fly to reveal his very taunting lower stomach muscles, but didn’t drop his jeans, nor did he release that huge lump pushing against in his Levis that was making my pussy so hot.

Disappointed, I pouted. “Ah, come on Cowboy. I want to see.”

Only Vance could use such an unpolished maneuver like nudging my shoulder to get me to lay back onto the sofa in total surrender as he moved in to lay on top of me. Just the weight of him was arousing me in ways I’d never felt before. His voice was deep with hunger when he said, “Is that all you want, to ‘see‘ ? Well hell, why didn’t you say so. I thought you wanted a ride.”

As he pulled back most of his weight to balance up on his beautifully bulging muscled arms, I locked my leg around him, not giving him the chance to back out. “Saddle up, cowboy. you’re in for a very long ride.”

He abutted his cock to my pussy, but didn’t enter. “Hot damn, you’re already wet,”  he groaned as he slipped the head of his cock over my clit, making me gasp at the delicious pleasure of his touch, as he used the head of his dick to play in my moisture, driving me mad with a greedy yearning for more.

I pushed forward with my hips and his cock slipped in deep. He groaned at the warm entry, and passion enveloped me; I’d roped my cowboy!

Lowering the top half of himself down towards me like doing a push up, his head dropped forward and sucked at my already hard nipple. He swirled his tongue around my bud and nipped it before releasing it to find my lips. He possessed my mouth like a driven man; perhaps my silent cowboy had carried a torch for me that I hadn’t noticed before. Our breaths pumped in and out, the only sounds in the room were my craving moans, his heavy breaths, and the slapping taps of our bodies as the came together in dreamy bliss.

I surrendered to the desire in his touch, and gave into the burning urge of his kisses as he placed them along my neck, while thrusting his throbbing cock in and out of me with the need of a man on fire. I reached down between our plunging hips and cupped his balls, they were heavy with seed. He groaned, holding back his more fervent thrust as I rolled and fingered them in my palms.

“I like the way they feel. I want to suck on these.”

His only answer was to shove his cock deeper into me. He was a man on the edge. I pumped back against him and squeezed my breast together. His eyes turned smoky with a lecherous gaze that watched my hot pink nails intently as I pinch at my nipples and squeeze my breasts, taunting him.

The force of his thrusts were drawing me closer and closer to climax. Two more scorching sorties and I felt my body tremble at the peak…timed perfectly, Vance impaled his cock into me just right and my body tumbled over the edge of ecstasy.

My roped cowboy had just branded me as his.


Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

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