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Guest Post: @ShilohSaddler – Country Crush



 Getting Back in the Saddle


First I’d like to thank Houston for letting me turn her blog country. I’m here to talk about cowboys and broken hearts. I think every country music song has at least one of those two. Professional Team Roper Blake Bonner is no stranger to either.


Being dumped is always hard. There really is never a right time to end a relationship. However some times are better than others. Blake Bonner’s boyfriend left him while he was recovering in the hospital after a car accident. Now that’s cold. Blake recovered but was left with a paralyzed leg. His boyfriend wanted a “whole” man. This made Blake feel worthless and weak and he doubted he’d ever find love again.

What man would want to be topped by a cripple?

Blake Bonner’s “get ‘er done attitude” seemed to apply to every aspect of his life except for dating… While he rode a horse as soon as he could after getting out of the hospital getting back in the other saddle was a lot more difficult. He proved to himself and to the other cowboys on the rodeo circuit that having a paralyzed leg didn’t hold him back. In fact, he became a national team roping champion after his accident.

Finally tired of being lonely he joined GayMeetUp.com and arranged a one night stand with Cowboy66. Would the anonymous user accept him or would his disability ruin their lust filled evening? And could a one night stand possibly lead to something more?


Country singer Will Conrad is afraid coming out will tank his career. Being a celebrity makes it difficult to pick up a man and keep things secret. A gay one night stand online dating site is his salvation. While he is performing in Las Vegas he agrees to meet the real cowboy with whom he has been corresponding.

A car accident left championship team roper Blake Bonner with a paralyzed leg and a wounded heart. Now fully recovered, he is ready for a relationship, but will his blind date want to be topped by a cripple and will he treat him like a whole man?

When Blake finds out his date is Will Conrad he can’t believe it. He’s been his country crush since he hit the country music scene. But when the paparazzi catch them together will their burgeoning relationship be able to brave the media storm?


“He is expecting you,” she said, and then disappeared around the corner without another word.

Heart hammering his rib cage, Blake rubbed his sweaty palms on the sides of his jeans. There was nothing to be nervous about. It wasn’t like his national title was on the line—just his pride. The young woman hadn’t said his date was waiting for him, but he could tell by the look in her eyes and her knowing smile he was. Finally he was going to meet the man he’d been emailing and texting and calling for months. His middle squeezed.

Accepting his disability online was one thing, in person it was a totally different matter. There were still days when Blake woke up and cussed out his useless leg. Here goes nothing.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door wider and found himself face-to-face with Will Conrad.

Blake’s mouth dropped open, but no words came. There had to be some mistake. Maybe everyone with a backstage pass got to meet Mr. Conrad.

The country music singer’s gaze swept over him, and he stuck out his chest, his nipples stiffening under the scrutiny. Blake instantly felt the heat between them. Conrad’s eyes held appreciation, lust, and steamy sensuality with a hint of submissive. Dear God, his celebrity crush was gay.

Conrad’s gaze swept lower and Blake’s cock hardened all the way. Conrad eyed the bulge and licked his lips. After a second, his head snapped up and he met his eyes, offering his hand. “Name’s Will Conrad.” A playful grin spread across his face. “Of course, by the twinge of shock in your eyes I think you knew that.”

Blake gave his hand a firm shake. “You’re Cowboy66?” he choked out.


Conrad walked past him and shut the door. “I saw you sitting in the front row. You looked like just how you described.”

Blake’s cheeks burned. “Complete with crutches,” he muttered.

Conrad laughed. “You look all man to me.”

Blake’s blush spread down his neck. “Thank you, Mr. Conrad.”

“Call me Will.” He pressed his hand against Blake’s chest. “After tonight we’ll know each other intimately.”

A lump formed in Blake’s throat and had difficulty swallowing or finding words.

“Uh, and I’m Blake.”

Will pushed Blake’s hat back farther on his head. Their lips were close and for a moment Blake’s pulse skidded. Was he going to kiss him?

“I get ogled by women all the time,” Will said, “but I seldom get such a heated gaze from a man.”

Will stepped back, breaking contact with him.

Damn the man was a tease. The way his cock throbbed he didn’t need much foreplay to be ready.

“I gravitated to your side of the stage just so I could get a better look at you.”

“I thought…oh.”

“Your dark brown eyes roaming my body made me hot all over. I’m glad I was under the stage lights to hide my fever. The way you looked at me, Blake, I really liked it.”


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About the Author:Shiloh

Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.


Shiloh Social Media Links:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShilohSaddler

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Thank you for stopping by today Shiloh. You book sounds hot. And that cover..phew,smokin hot ~ Elaine



Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: @ShilohSaddler – Country Crush

  1. WELCOME Shiloh!

    WOW that’s a hot excerpt! Oh yes… after reading that you’re welcome back any old time! Now I’m off to go take a very cold shower!

    Hugs Houston

  2. Hi Shiloh, You book sounds awesome. Like I said i love the cover..What was your first impression when you saw it for the first time?

  3. My first impression when I saw the cover was that I should print it off frame it and hang it on my wall! I love those two hot cowboys. And I’m thinking about continuing their story in a sequel…

  4. Oh YES!!! A sequel would be awesome!!!! My vote is YES!!! and you’d better print that cover! Yummy.
    Thanks for coming by today hon!

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