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Sex on a Beach…

            Not only was it the first drink I ordered on my twenty-first birthday, but it also plays a major role in Emma and Drake’s romance in my latest release, In Too Deep. Let’s face it, who hasn’t dreamed of rolling around in the sand and surf al la From Here to Eternity style? The common sense part of me thinks, “Eww, but sand will get in my crevices!” while the libido-driven part screams, “Oh hell yeah!”

            Which way do you roll? Are you ready to get down and dirty and have hot, sweaty, monkey sex while the waves tickle your toes? Have you already done so? Or do you prefer a nice, comfy bed?

            Emma has lusted after Drake for years. As her best friend’s older brother, Drake has been the unattainable guy she can’t get out of her head. All of that changes when she comes to Tybee Island for her friend’s wedding. The summer nights heat up when the bridesmaid and the brother of the bride get down and dirty.

            Check out the excerpt of In Too Deep and I hope you enjoy!


intoodeep_bychristygissendaner-200x300In Too Deep

Christy Gissendaner

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Etopia Press

 Number of pages: 274

Word Count: 54,654


Book Description:

He’ll risk everything for the love of one human.

Agreeing to be her good friend’s bridesmaid, Emma Anderson jets off to Tybee Island for the wedding. Her dress is perfect and her shoes are adorable, but her friend’s elegant beachside home hides an ancient secret…one that threatens to expose a secret society of werewolves.

 Drake Randolph has watched his sister’s friend grow into a ravishing woman, but he’s always kept his distance. As the heir to the Randolph fortune and the alpha of the Secret Society of Savannah Lycanthropes, Drake cannot afford to draw the innocent little brunette into the dangerous lycan world.

 Passion between them soon blazes hotter than the Georgia summer. But when the wrong woman is kidnapped to prevent the wedding of a lycan to a mortal, Drake must risk everything to save Emma from the ones who will see the downfall of all he holds dear.

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Short Excerpt

Kicking off her white sandals, she descended a set of wooden stairs and stepped onto the sand. It squished between her toes, damp and still warm from the heat of the afternoon. The moon shone over the water, gleaming in the waves pulling toward the shore.

She stood at the water’s edge. The current sucked at her toes, burying them in sand, and she absorbed the soothing sounds of nature. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Perfect.

For a moment, she flashed back to her childhood. Not the endless summers she’d spent with the Randolphs. Earlier than that, long before her father’s death. A memory floated out of her grasp, on the edges of her subconscious but always moving away from her.

The water surrounded her ankles, the tendrils of the tide resembling a caress. As if someone touched her.

She opened her eyes, startled by the sensation.

A particularly large wave crashed around her legs. Thrown off-balance by the unexpected surge, she stumbled a bit until she regained her footing. Whatever memory she’d been chasing fled, replaced by the shock of the water splashing against her knees.

She returned her attention to the water. It eddied around her, the glow of the moonlight reflected in the tiny swirls of liquid. Bending down, she touched the surface and a jolt of energy poured through her. She lurched backward just as another wave crashed against her.

  1. She moved closer to the shore, not afraid of the ocean but concerned by her reaction to it. Something wasn’t right.

The cry of a seagull jerked her back to the present. She glanced down and grimaced at the soaked bottom half of her dress. She didn’t mind as much as she should. At least the delightfully cool water eased some of the oppressive heat of the day.

The breeze, which had been strong all day, caressed her bare shoulders and ruffled her hair. She lifted her arms and twirled, letting out a tiny sound of pleasure.

At the end of her twirl, she caught sight of a figure standing alone on the patio. The moonlight wasn’t needed for her to recognize Drake. No one else had such a commanding presence. He tugged at her heart like the ocean’s current tugged at her ankles.


 About the Author:Chrsity

Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons. She’s always hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation!

To find out more, please visit http://christygissendaner.webs.com






Thank you Christy for being here today





Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post with author Christy Gissendaner ~ @christygis

  1. Hi Christy,

    The excerpt is great … and like your heroine, I like Sexy on the Beach as well … *gasp* Christy, where is you mind … The drink, darlin’ … I was talking about the drink. *Wink*

    Glad you’re here today and sharing your wonderful book with us.


  2. LOL Robin! Is there any better place for our minds to be? LOL

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