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Spotlight: Vanilla on Top by @CJEllisson .99¢ sale ~ #bewitchingbooktours


Vanilla on Top Banner 450 x 169

Vanilla on Top 

Walk on the Wild Side
Heather and Tony
Book 1
C.J. Ellisson
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Entangled
Date of Publication: Jan 2013
ISBN: 9781622667987
Number of pages: 260
Word Count: 65k


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Discover your inner bad girl, and set her free…

Heather Pierce is done being a wallflower, both personally and professionally. Desperate to live a different life for one night, she attends a speed dating event. Maybe here, anonymous unless she chooses otherwise, she can become someone new. When a man way out of her league sits across from her, Heather gathers her courage and takes charge of what she wants, secretly fearing he won’t desire the real person she’s desperate to hide.

Top acquisitions officer and international playboy Tony Carmine is about to close the biggest deal of his career. But then he meets Heather at a speed dating event . . . and discovers losing control may be exactly what he needs. Her blossoming sensuality occupies his every thought, consuming him with the need to possess the most intriguing lover he’s ever encountered-until he walks into the boardroom and sees Heather on the other side of the negotiating table.


excerptThe door creaks open and Tony steps out. You can do this, Heather. Take command. Tell him what you want. Tell him what to do, just like he said he wants. Now or never.

I smirk with a confidence I’m not completely feeling. “Nice of you to join me, Tony.” I relax against the brick and check him over from head to foot, making sure he knows with just my eyes exactly how desirable I find him. You can do this, don’t panic. He won’t laugh at you.

I nod toward the stacked chairs. “Take off your coat.” He slips the expensive garment from his shoulders, pulling the starched fabric of his shirt across his defined chest. I nod my approval and his eyes glint with desire in the dimming light.

He smiles, seemingly eager to play whatever game I’ve got in mind. “Anything else?”

I push down my inner anxiety and grin, in what I hope is a teasing manner. “Your tie.”

His eyebrows shoot up, but he loosens the knot and pulls the material free. The red silk slides over his shirt, and then is tossed carelessly toward his coat.

Holy crap, hes doing it. Hes listening to me. What now?

“Unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt.” The command springs unbidden to my thoughts.

He complies and reveals the golden skin below his throat, with a few stray chest hairs visible near the neck of his undershirt. He looks so good I’d like to grab his shirt and rip it open, licking the skin as it’s uncovered.

Holy cow, where did that come from? I’m not this aggressive woman I’m pretending to be.

“How’s that?” he asks.

My pulse pounds so loudly in my ears I can only nod, afraid I’ll give too much away if I answer. I clear my throat, reaching for nonchalance. “It’ll do.” My hands slide to my hips and I take the plunge, pouring every ounce of courage I possess into my next actions.

I grab my skirt’s black material and work it slowly up my thighs. Tony’s eyes grow round as he follows my movements.

“Get down on your knees,” I say, forcing out my voice in a firm tone.



 C.J. Ellisson is the USA Today Bestselling author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Vanilla on Top, CJE 8-12the bestselling V V Inn series, and several erotica shorts. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two children, three dogs, and a fluffy black cat who makes her sneeze.

Unlike most full-time authors, she’s also battling severe chronic illness. C.J. works daily to put her Lupus into remission and continues to fight numerous bacterial infections while her immune system slowly attacks her body. She turned to writing when she could no longer work outside the home and claims the escape of penning contemporary fantasy, erotica, and erotic romance has helped save her sanity.
Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/cjellisson

Website: http://www.cjellisson.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/c.j.ellissonfanpage

Twitter handle: @CJEllisson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CJEllisson

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3249026.C_J_Ellisson

Library Thing: http://www.librarything.com/profile/CJEllisson

Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/cj_ellisson

Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/CJ_Ellisson

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/CJEllisson


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Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

3 thoughts on “Spotlight: Vanilla on Top by @CJEllisson .99¢ sale ~ #bewitchingbooktours

  1. I just read this book. It’s freakin’ HOT HOT HOT! I have the second book to read yet. She is a FABULOUS writer!

  2. Oh, and if the author stops by, hopefully she’ll see my comment. The Erotic Author’s Guild found your book on a pirating site.

  3. Thank you, Anita! Glad you enjoyed the book and thank you for the high praise!

    May I ask, what pirating site did you find it on? I have a take down service and I’m hoping they’ve already found it, but if not I will double check it myself. Thanks for the info!

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