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Hi Matt

Welcome to my blog.

First, why don’t you tell us a little bit about this book? Something that’s not in the blurb.

Hmmm. I write fantasy for people who don’t read fantasy just as much as I write it for those who do, and that’s reflected in how the characters think and talk. I don’t try to inject humor into dark material so much as that’s simply how the characters react – dry wit and sarcasm and such – mostly because that’s how I would react. I also don’t think of my books as scary, I just try to write something that would truly discombobulate or scare a typical fantasy hero, and those tend to be really warped and creepy things. I also don’t make a point to make the sex graphic, but if the violence is graphic, and the scary parts are graphic, and I want the reader to experience a reaction, why would the sex not be graphic, too? It’s never there for the sake of it, but at the same time, the idea of several good-looking and athletic men and women banded together under continual stress and sometimes just happy to be alive and *not* having sex is just plain unrealistic.


What adversities did you face as an aspiring author?

Figuring out how I wanted to publish. There are a lot of publishers and a lot of options, but the world of publishing is continually changing. There are so many offers that are similar or that you can do yourself. It’s that lack of certainty that can be daunting.


What do you believe is your best marketing tool to sell your books?

Twitter has been excellent, so long as you combine it with other promotions and fresh material, as well as true interaction. Robots and services that automate tweets for you, those are the types of things I don’t believe come across to Twitter users very appreciatively (although from a time perspective I can see why some folks use them). And this is from someone who probably wouldn’t use Twitter all that much if it wasn’t for books.


What do you think is the biggest misconception that readers have about authors in general?

How much time we have to spend actually, you know, writing. The words don’t magically appear.


How much research do you put into your books before writing them?

A lot, but I do most of that in my first outlines, and then just work items in as I need them. I can’t remember who originally said this about writing fantasy, but an author was once questioned about why writing fantasy was so hard when you could just ‘make everything up’. The author’s response was along the lines of “Yeah, but you have to make *everything* up.”


Why did you choose this genre to write?

If I was to construct a map for someone to become a popular writer, it would be the exact opposite of “write long fantasy books in a series that won’t be finished for years that has sometimes graphic sex, off-color humor and some truly disturbing horror elements.” But that is the type of writing I have always liked, as if Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and J.R.R. Tolkein had a love child. (Don’t picture that. For the love of God, don’t picture that.) And the nice thing about the world getting smaller? It’s easier for readers who like the same things to find you. You just have to be patient and persistent.


What makes all your long hours of writing worth it?

It helps me relax and get my brain on straight. It’s something I have to do. Getting the words out is therapeutic somehow. Plus, it sounds really cool at parties. I can be both deep *and* macho. Win-win.


 If you can say one thing to your readers, what would that be?

I read every review, I pretty much answer every message myself, and I try to interact on Twitter where I can. So ask me stuff!

Sinfully Fun

 If you were granted 3 wishes what would they be?

I think that world peace is a noble goal that should be … lol … who am I kidding? They’d all be wasted on parties, sex and alcohol. Unless I can wish for more wishes. Then I might get around to world peace. Eventually. When I’m sleepy.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Let’s say amateur porn. Because I shouldn’t talk about all the threesomes. You don’t want that kind of information getting online! Hey wait…

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue. No tricks.

Sexiest feature on a woman?

Mouth. And breasts. Oh, and her eyes! And her bum. Definitely bum. And legs. Sorry, what was the question?

 What are you hiding in your night stand?

I have one last glow in the dark condom left from a birthday party. The urge to use it as a lightsaber is nearly overwhelming … until I realize I probably won’t need a condom if I keep doing that. And not in a good way.

Handcuffs or silk ties?

Pffft. You have hands *and* feet, right?

Pj’s or nude?

Nude. Unless by “PJ” you meant “PBJ”, because a middle of the night sandwich sometimes rocks.

Favorite dirty word?


Would you rather….

Read a paperback or on an ereader?

Paperback. I like ereaders a lot more than I thought I would, and most of my sales are electronic, but nothing replaces a book for me. And a real bookshelf is still far more impressive than a virtual one.

Drink champagne or beer?

Beer. And it’s not close.

Facebook or Twitter?

I don’t go overboard with either. I keep Facebook for personal stuff and Twitter for publishing.

Go to the beach or go to a wintery mountain retreat?

Wintery mountain retreat. I like summer better than winter, but the “mountain retreat” part is the real winner.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

What, I haven’t talked enough? What are you, a glutton for punishment? I mean, um, thank you for having me. It was most kind.


DR12blurbWhen former blacksmith Corin Drey finds himself lying on his back in the midst of Orthins Wood, he cannot imagine what has happened. The last thing he remembers is searching for Thom Blaires wife—one of the disappeared. As he slowly sits up and looks around, he sees dead soldiers hanging from trees and other bodies scattered about the burnt forest floor. Corin knows he must find his way home—but how?Seventeen-year-old Kara Kinfolk has an old soul. Her small town of Arrows Flight is idyllic and quiet. But when travelers and residents start to vanish, no one appears interested in finding them. Worse yet are the nightmares, the voices that whisper to her from the shadows, and the dark house at the center of town where secret rituals are performed. Now the house, which possesses powers that prevent anyone from entering or leaving town, has begun to desire Kara for reasons she cannot comprehend. Kara knows she must flee Arrows Flight—but how?As Kara sets out on a quest to quell an ancient evil, she must rely on Corin and a stranger to help her follow a maze of clues that she hopes will lead to an escape—before it is too late.


blurbTeenager Kara Kinfolk, Waterguard ranger Tal tormgren, and their companions are trapped in the town of Arrows Flight. Brutal The+Dim+Realm,+Volume+IImurder, strange disappearances, and a cult known as the Harbingers oppose them at every turn. Their options are dwindling along with their hope of escape. In both dreams and the waking world, they are more than hunted—they are trapped. The Dim Realm continues.The dark house in the center of town is a malevolent creature with a mind of its own. It hungers, wants as much as any mortal, and will do anything to prevent anyone from entering or leaving Arrows Flight. Even the Harbinger cultists who used it as a base for their blasphemy do not trust it entirely. Kara and Tal are needed by the Harbingers for a ritual, but neither of them knows exactly why. All they know for sure is that its completion will bring horror to the world. Even death is no escape.Kara knows there is one rule she needs to follow in order to realize freedom—but now she wonders if she will have to break that rule in order to survive.


9781475973501_COVER.inddblurbThe Reaver hunts them while they are awake. The Eater of Dreams stalks them while they sleep. In light of these and other menaces, how can Kara Kinfolk, Tal Stormgren, and companions new and old ever reach the elves? Old magics are awakening, most of them horrific, and none more so than the ancient, haunted city of Jorim-Sa. It lies between them and their salvation.

The Resurrection Tower lies in wait at the end of a long road, a journey between awake and asleep, life and death … between the heavens and the hells. Through numerous wars on numerous planes, it has stood watch. No one knows why. Yet the tower must be understood if this world and others are to be saved.

 Buy Links for these books can be found here: http://www.mattholgatebooks.com/links.html


You can find Matt on Twitter at @Matt_Holgate 

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/MattHolgate

Website – http://www.mattholgatebooks.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matt-Holgate/473753552651212






Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

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