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Character Interview with Carter James from The Resort series by @TamiLundAuthor


Thank you, Houston, for featuring Carter James, the hero from The Resort series, on your blog today. Carter isn’t usually a man of many words, and he doesn’t particularly like doing interviews, but for some reason, he was more than willing to do this one. We suspect he may have read one of your books, and it put him in the right frame of mind. (So thank you again!)



The first four eBooks in The Resort series can be purchased here: http://tamilund.com/?page_id=30

The fifth and final book, Summertime at The Resort, is scheduled for release SOON! Since The Resort is written solely from Allison Bell’s perspective, we wanted Carter to let his audience have a first-hand taste of his personality. Like we said, he isn’t a fan of doing this sort of promotional stuff, but today, well, consider yourselves lucky! 

Please give a warm welcome to Carter James from The Resort series by Tami Lund,as we sit down and talk about his roll in the books and in Allison Bell’s life.


Q: Let’s start with some background. Tell us what makes Carter James tick.

Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Allison is pretty hot. And you probably don’t know this – actually, you’d better not know this – but she definitely knows how to keep the interest in the bedroom, too. I’m not gonna lie, though, she can test the patience of a saint. The woman manages to find trouble where no woman could even imagine it could be found. She makes me nuts because I’m afraid on a daily basis that she’s going to harm herself or someone else. And if Allison is ever harmed…

Q: What was it that drew you to Allison?Image3

I have no freaking clue. Seriously. I caught her trying to sneak into The Resort one day, and instead of reading her the riot act and
scaring the shit out of her so that she wouldn’t ever do it again, I ended up taking her inside and introducing her to Bree Jefferson, who was under my protection at the time. That very same evening, Allison nearly drowned in the river because some jackass mistook her for Bree and was trying to kill her. God knows my life would be so much easier if she wasn’t in it. But then again, it’d be a hell of a lot more boring too. And I doubt I’d be getting laid half as often. I suppose it’s a fair tradeoff. Sometimes.

Q: Give our readers a little excitement. Where was the wildest place you seduced Allison?

(Clears throat) The first time we ever had sex, actually, was in the hallway in my house. I told her I wanted to seduce her, but I wanted to wait until this person who kept trying to kill her was caught, and in typical Allison fashion she just kept bugging me about it — apparently I was the first guy who ever announced his intentions to seduce her. Anyway, there’s only so much a guy can take. Hell, if I hadn’t been so worried about keeping her safe, I would’ve made my move that very first day. I suppose it’s impressive that we held out as long as we did. But hot damn, that was worth it, let me tell you. All that tension, all that anticipation, then I’m holding her in my arms, her legs wrapped around my hips and I ask if she wants to go back to the bedroom and she replied with, “I can’t wait. I need you now.” What’s a guy supposed to do? (Shrug)

Q: What indeed? Okay, here’s another one. Boxers, briefs or commando?

Me, personally? Boxers. But they have to be really colorful or with some crazy design. My uniform for my security business is straight black, so I have this thing with colorful underwear. What can I say?

Q: If Allison wants to seduce you, what’s one sure fire trick she can do that will work every time?

Allison just needs to look at me. Or be in the same room. Hell, I just have to think about her. Like right now. Unfortunately, she’s out shopping with her best friend, Bree. But she’ll be back later. (Eyebrow waggle)

Q: What is the one place you can touch on Allison’s body that you know will drive her wild – in and out of bed?

She has this spot, right on her shoulder blade. One lick, and she’s putty in my hands. Trust me, I’ve used that to my advantage many times when she’s been pissed at me for some stupid reason or another.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up this interview?

(shrug) No, I’m good.


Okay, well, on that note… Thank you, Carter James, for being our guest today on Houston Haven’s blog. We cannot wait to read the final installment of The Resort series to find out if you get the girl…

(Carter interrupts) I don’t want to talk about it. That was a dark time in our lives, and frankly, I’d just as soon forget it.

(Interviewee) Now I’m really excited for the book to come out!

(Carter smirks)

How about we change the subject and talk about the author?


authorbioTami Lund loves romance and humor, and she secretly wishes everyone could have a Image2happily ever after. This probably explains the type of books she both reads and writes (although, she admits to a slight addiction to the Fire and Ice books and the Game of Thrones HBO series, undoubtedly for the guaranteed happily ever after).

She has self-published multiple romantic (and humorous) eBooks. Naked Truth, a contemporary suspense, is scheduled for release on June 30 through Crimson Romance (pre-order here: http://www.amazon.com/Naked-Truth-Crimson-Romance-Tami-ebook/dp/B00KI2EYJS/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1400965307&sr=8-7&keywords=tami+lund ). Into the Light, a paranormal romance, is scheduled for release on July 14, and a sexy short story titled Love Gumbo, is due out on August 25, both through Liquid Silver Books. Tami loves it when fans stalk her through her website,www.tamilund.com or social media. Just search “Tami Lund Author.” She’s probably there. 


Thank you Tami for being here today and sharing Carter with us 🙂


Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

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  1. Tami! So nice to have you here today!!!

  2. I love character interview 🙂
    I’ll have to check this series out.

  3. Great interview! And I agree with Elaine!

  4. Hi Matt, thanks for dropping by hon! Yes, it’s a great interview isn’t it?

  5. I know I keep saying it but… THANKS! This has really been fun. We should do it again soon 🙂

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