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Guest Post: A Perfect Match by Daisy Banks (@DaisyBanks12)


A Thing of Beauty.


When I am creating a new story, I love working on the description of characters. I sometimes struggle to get things right but I enjoy the process a great deal. One thing in romance is no matter the actuality of physical appearance the lead characters will find each other beautiful, physically, emotionally, mentally. They have to, because the reality of love means your chosen mate is the perfection you seek and distractions or blemishes count for nothing. Either you don’t see them or if you do, they are cute, idiosyncratic and an accepted part of the allure your loved one has to charm you.

A bit scary all that if you analyze it logically, but love isn’t about logic, passions rule the mind, hormones rule the body and your heart is snared.

How all that can happen, often in a very short space of time, astonishes me. Here is a little snippet from my new story with Taliesin Publishing, A Perfect Match, I hope you think I got the description of this character right. Varon and Anwell have married at the instruction of the leader of the Astan folk, they have not met before this morning.


excerptVaron studied his bride and admired her smooth clear skin. He rather liked the tiny dark mole at the corner of one eye highlighting her cheekbone. He also enjoyed the way she blushed so rosy. She kept her gaze lowered, so her thick lashes hid the brilliance of her intriguing hazel eyes. Her earlier inquisitive glances along with the frank way she met his gaze once or twice gave him hopes. Beautiful eyes. A myriad of different shades surrounded her widened, dark pupils. Her shimmering, glossed lips appealed, too. The deep chestnut waves of her hair, much of it tucked beneath the veil, would be silken soft. Any further examination of her charms proved impossible with her wrapped by the heavy bridal robes. Besides the beauty of her face, he knew two things—she had cool, long-fingered hands, one he still held, and slender feet. His study of her embroidered green slippers through much of the marriage ceremony would remain with him.

Should I believe her? Could Chardel have coerced such an innocent to work against me? Guilt rose. Despite his best intentions for the journey, his mouth had run away with him. The effect cruel, even if unintentional. He’d have to work to put it right.

Gods. This is like walking on eggshells.

His gaze settled on her slim fingers plaiting folds in the embroidered robe. Somehow, he must show her she shouldn’t fear him.What have they told her? What does she expect?

Blame for their predicament didn’t lie with him, or with Anwell, who seemed unaware or the political situation, as well as much else.

Her earlier flash of humor spoke well for her courage, a quality he’d always admired, and pleased him. Yet she retreated fast when he spoke of children, and further at the mention he’d enjoy seeing all her nightgown might reveal.

Has the Temple prepared her at all for marriage? He doubted it. So young, her days were spent chanting, making the regular offerings to the gods, or so he believed. Poor girl. He couldn’t blame her if she thought him as vicious as Chardel.


Daisy Banks whisks you into a futuristic world,where you might fight for water, or offer up your freedom and become a slave for the promise of enough to drink.

Passion and politics ripple throughA Perfect Matchwherethe enmity between the government leader, Lord Chardel and Commander Varon, head of the Astan water acquirement fleet, is at flashpoint. The enforced marriage of Anwell Nastor, a young Temple adept, to Commander Varon, not only breaks Astan religious rules, but could break untried hearts. This cruel ploy meant to silence Varon’s opposition to current circumstances in the city-state brings unexpected results. Through careful manipulation of the news links, Varon and his bride become the city’s most adored couple, but danger shadows their steps.


Join Anwell and Varon as they discover the power of A Perfect Match on their perilous journey in a world full of dangers and political intrigue.


A Perfect Match is available from Taliesin Publishing as of 3rd of July 14.


Find Daisy Banks here:

Blog    http://daisybanks.wordpress.com/

Website http://daisybanksnovels.yolasite.com/

Twitter @DaisyBanks12

Facebook http://on.fb.me/18iRC35

Pinterest http://bit.ly/16sF1XG


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  1. Thanks for inviting me, Houston.

  2. Aaah thank you Daisy…I’m so happy you came here and let me share your wonderful book with my viewers.

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