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Sinful Surrender now in PRINT

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, my Boss (the very efficient assistant Miss E)  who keeps herself super busy making sure my blog schedule’s full, which I’m happy about because it let’s me hermit myself away to write the next book ~ (did I say Miss E’s VERY EFFICIENT? Yeah ~ Psss …. she runs me ragged! She’s a slave driver!) Okay, maybe I’m over reacting a little, okay, maybe a lot … to be fair to Miss E, I get so used to being in my writer’s cave I forget to come out. So, Miss E has to come rescue me every now and then by putting her foot down and drag my derriere over here to relax, chat, and hang out with you guys. Yep, she has to remind me to have fun. And I have to admit, I do miss you guys and just hanging out.
I’ve something awesome to tell you … SINFUL SURRENDER is NOW in PRINT!!!!
A Sinful Surrender Print Cover - Image only
It’s a odd thing … when I first got published I was excited as any writer would be, after all I just got my book published. It was going across the net in every e-form possible! I was so happy words were beyond me. Of course I celebrated but something deep inside was missing. At the time I couldn’t tell you what ~ I just knew I was happy to finally make it in the publishing world. I got my baby out there and it was getting rave reviews! Being seen in USA TODAY and 4 and 5 stars all over the place. I even had radio interviews, but still something was missing. I felt a longing….but didn’t know what I longed for…until I opened the package to approve my ARC for the book to go into print. I didn’t expect it to have it’s cover … I thought I’d have a rough copy of my baby to proof, but that’s not what I got. What I got was my book in paperback, cover and all. It looked like what you’d buy off the shelf … and then it happened! That feeling, as I held the book in my hands and glanced over it’s shiny new cover, that feeling of having “made it” I was feeling like a professional author … that’s what I was missing in my celebration as a e-published author.
Now I don’t mean for it to sound like e-book isn’t something to celebrate, because it is! You have made it as an author when you’re e-published, the only thing is you can’t hold that baby in your hands, that baby you slaved over night after night. That baby you struggled over every sentence in the wee hours of those early mornings while the rest of the house slept. That baby you carried all this time … that baby you sacrificed everything for. In e-form she’s born but you can’t touch her … it was when I held the book that the true feeling of success hit me and I felt my baby was real.
So … For those of you who are like me and LOVE the feel of a book in your hands … my baby is out there for you … and she has a HOT NEW COVER for you to enjoy.
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Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

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