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Interview with Lead Singer Steve Mullican from Revolution Machine #music




Please welcome Steve Mullican Lead singer and Guitar player for the Rock band Revolution Machine!

Last week I interviewed the band but I wanted to get an in depth interview of each member of this band so we can get to know them better and get another chance to discover their unique new sound in the Rock and Roll world.   


Please tell my new viewers and remind my faithful readers what type of band Revolution Machine is?

Revolution Machine is a hard rock band, made of three friends with a passion for writing and playing good, hard music that even we would enjoy listening to. Because if we wouldn’t enjoy listening to it, it’s not going to be enjoyable to someone else.


Will you give us a brief history of your band. How long was this band in the making? How many years to develop your sound? Are you three the original members? Whose idea was it to start this band? Where can you be found playing most of the time when not on the road? 

We originally formed as Goliath, due to the fact that Mike and I are both well over 6’ tall and our drummer Dave is, well, not. The three of us have been playing 25 plus years a piece. Mike came up with the concept for Revolution Machine which was much more marketable than Goliath. 

We are the original members, we’ve tried different lineups but the magic was with us three, which is where we ultimately decided to keep it.

Starting the band, it just happened. Something special would happen when the three of us would start playing. One would start playing and the other member would just pick right up on it – adding to the sound. It’s almost like we’re in each other’s heads.


What are your dreams and goals for the band’s future?

The dream is to be able to do this for a living. My goal is to be able to make a comfortable living for my family and myself. The ultimate goal is to share our music with the world and have them enjoy it.


With a name like Mullican did your Irish blood have a wee bit of influence in your amazing sound?

All the way from my red goatee hair, I would think it would have a lot to do with it. The Irish have a rich history of determination and surviving against all odds. I’m no fool, I know I’m not a puking juvvy and that teenage girls aren’t going to have posters of me on their wall. That’s okay with me, that time has passed. However, because I’ve never given up, things have started to happen for Revolution Machine. I sing from the heart, and the emotion comes out in the records, just like the old Irish Folk Songs – my blood is in the music.


What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

It is flooded and that’s why we have to be separate and special. Nowadays it takes people like Houston Havens spreading the word when she hears something she likes, so people can sift through all of the music out there to find the band that speaks directly to them.


How do you promote your band and shows?

 My wife. Word of mouth, flyers, postings on social media, and sometimes investing in advertising.


I know my female viewers would like to know if you’re married?



*Oh shoot girls … he taken!* Ah, so how does your wife handle the groupies?

I have possibly the coolest wife in the world. She has always supported my music and she’s worked her ass off for Revolution Machine. When it comes to groupies, she always says, “They’re just horny die-hard fans.” She’s always sweet to the groupies and allows them to be groupies without a grouchy wife lurking in the background, making them feel self-conscious.  I’ve literally had some of them hand me phone numbers in front of her. As I smile and usually hand her the phone numbers. And her response is, “I think you’re handsome, I’d be nuts to think no one else would find you attractive.”  But she always knows who I’m going home with.


Where can your music be bought?  

We’re all over the place.  We’re on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody etc. To make things easy, people can just go to our website and find buttons that link to their favorite eTailer.  http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com


Thank you so much Steve for coming by today to share who you are and what the Revolution Machine Band is all about with my readers! I know I’ll be seeing you on That Metal Show soon with the rest of the GREATS! HUGS

To my readers … please share this post with as many as you can, in support of bring back Rock and Roll. 




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Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Lead Singer Steve Mullican from Revolution Machine #music

  1. Thanks for hosting the band!

  2. When their that AWESOME it’s a must! Great sound and a sexy singer too! Can’t get any better than that!

    Hugs Sweet face!

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