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Interview with Revolution Machine’s bass player Mike Buckmaster #music

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This is a continuing interview with the ROCK BAND REVOLUTION MACHINE! Please welcome bass player of the REVOLUTION MACHINE Mike Buckmaster, who also does backup vocals in the band.


So, how did you get involved with Revolution Machine?

Revolution Machine has been a concept of mine for about 8 yrs. No one ever really understood my music until I met Steve Mullican (singer/guitarist). I showed him some of my songs I had already written and a connection was made. He showed me a few of his songs. After that Steve had an idea for a drummer (Dave Eskridge) and after the first practice we realized we had something special. It was comfortable.


When did you get into playing Bass and why?

I’m actually a guitarist. Have been for about 30 yrs. I play bass for Revolution Machine out of necessity. We tried at least 5 bass players only to realize I was the best fit.


What do you think about downloading music online?

I think downloading music is awesome. It’s a great way to get a variety of genres to explore. I personally listen to a lot of different music. It also helps my music get to a broader audience.


What tracks does the band most enjoy performing live and why?

We actually enjoy playing all our tracks live. We have a few new ones for the next cd we love playing out too. But honestly I think we have the most fun playing “Fly” off the Chapter I cd.


What inspires you to play the music you do?

I’m the kind of person that finds inspiration in just about anything from the news to other artists’ music. What influenced me the most was the first time my parents sat me down and had me listen to Zeppelin IV at around age 7. After I listened to that I was hooked.


What advice would you give to a startup band?

Don’t get married and have children and expect to be a complete fulltime musician. You would be a fulltime husband and father first. So be realistic. Eat sleep and live music and be your own worst critic. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your bandmates style and influences to find your true sound.


What are some of your pet peeves about the music business?

 Well I’m really understanding the music business more and more. My biggest problem is how geography plays such a big role in a bands success. I’ve heard a lot of exception bands that have great music to offer and will never be appreciated. Sad.


How does music affect you and the world around you?

I’ve been married to my wife for about 16 yrs. She has endured my dreams and passions in music. Recording this cd took a toll on the band and the people around us that stood by us till the end. People have believed in this band and it’s pushed us to realize we have something here. This life has brought the musician in my son too. He has grown up with my lifestyle and has embraced it for himself.


What’s new in the recording of your music?

WE decided to go with a younger fresh engineer for this cd who just graduated from recording school. It gave us a chance not to sound like a lot of bands that are out now. They do all sound similar to eachother. We wanted to get away from that and be raw and no nonsense


What are the biggest obstacles in the music business for new and old bands?

Our biggest obstacle, as well as, most homegrown bands is like I said, geography. Unless you’re standing in front of the office of a record label performing to get heard you end up flying just below the radar to even get noticed. The record label really puts you on the map as far as fan base and advertisement and bigger venues.


Thanks Mike for sharing this time with me and my followers … yes, their readers but they also love music, and I’m sure when they click the link to go listen to your sound, they’ll love the Revolution Machine band as much as I do. 

To my readers … please share this post with as many as you can in support of Good old Rock and Roll!



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