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Interview with Revolution Machine’s drummer Dave Eskridge

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This is the final interview with the ROCK BAND REVOLUTION MACHINE! 

Please welcome Drummer Dave Eskridge from the stoner-rock band bass REVOLUTION MACHINE!!


This is an exciting time for you guys ~ you’ve stuck around the business a long time and it’s finally paying off.

How do you feel about finally reaching your goal to get discovered and bringing a NEW sound to a NEW PHASE of Rock and Roll?

Excited and blown away! It’s amazing that we are getting the response to our music that we are. I think people are bored with cookie-cutter bands and we have tried hard to give people something new.


You play a hell of a drum … Tell us how you came up with your ability to play like that. You work magic with those sticks. 

I can’t take all of the credit for that. Genetics and the Grace of God. I get bored rather easily and if what I’m playing bores me, then it will bore others and that’s just unacceptable.  I just try to come up with beats that keep people’s attention.


What are you currently working on, and when can we expect your next CD to come out?

Chapter 1 is only part of the material we have.  I’m not saying for sure but I think a second record within a year is realistic.


Who came up with your unique names for this band? What’s the meaning behind it? 

I don’t really know. We were kicking around a lot of different names and it came out and just stuck.  We like to think that we are part of a trend towards getting back to the ROOTS OF ROCK MUSIC!


Could you take us through some highlights of recording your album, ‘Chapter 1’?

Just having the opportunity was a major highlight. But when you play a song 500 times and it still makes the hair on your arms stand up—that’s what drives me.


How does it feel to have your very first CD sell out it first run?

Great! We knew we had some great material but when it goes over like it has—that’s awesome.


Revolution Machine has successfully blended The sounds of Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin ~ How did you do it? Was this a conscious decision when the band started out or has this sound developed during the course of writing and playing songs?

Steve, Mike and I all grew up and developed our musical taste during the 80s and just naturally graduated towards the bands we cut our teeth on.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I fish… a lot!


What’s the best and worst thing about playing clubs?

The best thing is getting to the fans and crowd interaction, but the worst thing is when the place is dead. I can’t say I enjoy playing to barstools but it happens sometimes.


Message to your fans?

Thank you for the support and we will do our very best to keep you all thoroughly rocked for a long time!


Thank you so much for joining me today, Dave. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you, Steve and Mike. You guys have a wonderful band and I know Revolution Machine will be on the lips of everyone soon! Good Luck to you and the band. I’ll hear you live and soon at my local night spot soon!


A Note from the Publicist – Thank you for hosting the guys. This was their first interview and you made it a ton of fun for them. Thank you to Houston’s fans for stepping away from your novels for a moment to get to know the band!


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