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Fairy Tale Magic!

I’m an erotic-romance author. I have blended ten + genre; Romance, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Futuristic, Psychic, Ménage, Erotic, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Mystery, Suspense, with a light touch of BDSM series called PSYCHIC MENAGE.

And now you’re wondering what this has to do with Faery Tale Magic…noticed I said one of the genre mixed into this series is Fantasy…and it has everything to do with Fae magic. While I won’t tell you who or how the Fae fit into my story (can’t spoil it for the readers who have already read both books and are waiting for book three) I will tell you, while I was doing researching for this series I ran across some very interesting facts.

I was stunned, up until this time I believed GIANTS were just stories made up to fascinate children at bedtime, but on seeing these picture I realized we, the average man, has been lied to and our history has been regurgitated back to us with only the information those controlling “Elite” want us to know, very much the premise of my series.

How do Giants relate to the Fae? Give me a minute and you’ll see.

There is little information on Giants…a biblical reference to a David and Goliath, and fairytale of Jack and the bean stalk, and a few overly tall strange images carved into rocks within the walls of the pyramids beside smaller beings. BUT, out of all of my research one sentence kept hammering at my brain.

The mythical island of Avalon, home of the Fae (Faeries)

sat to the south of the land of Jotunheim (Land of the Giants).


Now this make-believe land would be fine if I still believed Giants were myths, but I can’t believe that now. I’ve seen the skeletons…real GIANT skeletons from excavation sites with very human looking GIANTS!


Wasn’t it written that “man was made in the likeness of the Gods”


So…if the Giants are real then I have no choice but to question the reality of the FAE. If the mythical island of Avalon, home of the Fae (Faeries) is all fake then why does the Island of Santa Catalina just off the coast of Long Beach California has a town called AVALON. Is it possible this was the Island home of the Fae once hidden in the fog that is so common on the shores of Santa Monica and Malibu?

I had to ask myself why is there so much information written about the Fae when they’re supposedly no more real than the Giants? There’s sooo much written about the Fae and in such details, not all the authors in the world could imagine or create such details about a non-existent race of beings.

Is it possible both races roam the Earth in our history and we’re just not being told about them?

As you’ll find in this series Psychic Ménage I will lay out who I think the FAE really were and where they are now….yes, this book is an Erotic-Romance and yes it has hot sizzling sex scenes and is written to entertain, but it’s also written to intrigue your mind into asking questions like…who really where the faeries?  

Don’t believe?

Then think about this, my research led me to uncover all the underground building our government’s been doing, which coincidently we’re being told right now doesn’t exists.

Doubt me?

OKAY, we’re being told the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn’t exists, yet we keep seeing plaques made and signed by The NEW WORLD ORDER. Our presidents keep talking about the NEW WORLD ORDER in their public address’, but they don’t exist….like the giants and the Fae?

There are horrifying murals all around the Denver International Airport, and the mysterious Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County of Georgia, to the Vatican Globe, and other world sites. But they don’t exists…yet funny enough there’s a plaque at AVALON that states something about the hidden passageway and if you can decipher the code to open it (Just like the one at the Denver airport) you will be saved.

So I had to ask myself…were…are…the Faeries real? If so, who were they and where are they now?

Find the answers I discovered about the Fae in an entertaining way between the pages of my Series Psychic Ménage and the spin-off series that follows.


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Author: houstonhavens

Houston Havens is an international and national Best Seller of Romance from erotic to main steam. Reviewers say her books are 5 star quality and should be the next block buster movie of the year!

18 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Magic Blog Hop with #Giveaway

  1. You scare me! So much of this is actually documented.

  2. Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the giveaway.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  3. Interesting post

  4. Sleeping Beauty

  5. These look really fun!

  6. okay, I am NOT a fan of erotica/romance, however, what you’ve written here is very interesting. I never heard that about Catalina..will have to look into that. I’ve studied these “conspiracy” ideas for many years and understand a lot of what you’ve said here…you should check out a blog by Enn Kae…he writes a lot about this as well, you may appreciate his posts. In the meantime, good luck with your work and thx a bunch for sharing your research…June

  7. thejuner…I couldn’t write eroticA because as a storyteller I want MORE than sex…it’s why I write erotic-romance BUT I want more than sex and romance and because I’m a storyteller. You will find my book quite different than most in this genre…PLEASE UNDERSTAND I am not dishing anyone … I believe we all (authors) have stories to tell and each of us will tell a story in our own way and highlight what is important to us…I’M GREEDIER than most…LOL…in my books I run a braid (TRUTHS, FANTASY, AND SEX) of stories together to create my tales…so give me a try…let me know what you think and enjoy discovering all the facts about what is going on in our real world.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting June…it’s a pleasure.


  8. ANITA! LOL….the world scares me! It’s why I hide in me writers cave and write…just giving you guys a HEADS-UP at what I’m seeking from me cave! SCARY!!!!

  9. Trix, Jolanda, Annette, bn100, Jean and Bonny…thanks you for the kind words about my books I hope you’ll give them a read! Good luck in the contest!


  10. Wow! That definitely makes you think about what is real and what’s not.
    Intriguingly informative post, Houston! Thank you for enlightening me and making me wonder. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the giveaway.


  12. I will have to read the book to form an opinion. Thank you for the giveaway,

  13. Your Psychic Menage Series sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Fae and thanks for the great giveaway.

  14. Very intriguing thoughts in your blog post, and your books sound really interesting. I’ve added them to my “gotta read” list. Thanks!

  15. ….WoW….specheless….

  16. thanks for the chance
    I believe in keeping a open mind.

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