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Interview with author @lacydanes – Storm Clouds (Dragon’s Fate, Book Three)

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Storm Clouds Banner 851 x 315

StormClouds300Storm Clouds

Dragon’s Fate

Book Three

Lacy Danes

Genre: Paranormal Romance/

alternate universe/historical/red hot

Publisher: Samhain

Date of Publication: December 30th

ISBN: 9781619225718

Number of pages: 75

blurbBefore there can be fire, there must be air…

Like his brothers, Ilmir is a dragon born by blood magic. Unlike them, he has an unrelenting thirst for human blood. His one and only scruple: he will never bite a woman he loves. It would kill her, and her loss would drive him mad.

Yet over the years, a young girl he once rescued and brought to the Isle has grown into a woman who occupies too much of his mind and heart.

On her name day, Astrid makes her two most heartfelt wishes: to experience the delights of the city, and to bring the vexing Ilmir back to the Zir family fold. As her wishes drop from her lips, lightning cracks and she discovers she is a weather witch—one in need of serious training to control her powers.

But her goal to redeem Ilmir is fraught with peril, for her deep need to learn the magical language not only awakens the dragon’s passion, it creates a perfect storm of danger that could cost the life of the man she loves.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, weather witches, vampires, a super-hot air dragon, and a woman who can wrap him up in a spell.

Available at   Amazon    BN    Kobo   iBooks


Hello and Welcome to my blog.

First, why don’t you tell us a little bit about this book? Something that’s not in the blurb.

This is the third book in the Dragon’s Fate Series.  Ilmir’s story.    He is most like a vampire than the other brothers.  I had a really fun time thinking of him as air and my heroine as a weather witch.  I actually have a scene I cut from the story where I had her inhale him.  Fun Fun.

What adversities did you face as an aspiring author?

Time is my current struggle. I have a full time job. Three kids. And I am currently going through a home remodel.    When I started writing though, learning to write was a big hurdle.  I was one of those kids who did not pay attention in English class or creative writing, so putting together a good sentence came from critique partners tearing my grammar apart.

What do you believe is your best marketing tool to sell your books?

Word of mouth.  Because I am so busy with my outside writing life, doing promotion via FB or other is very hard or me to do consistently.

What do you think is the biggest misconception that readers have about authors in general?

That we are all able to make a living off our writing.  Most can’t. We are like artist. Only the few make it work for a living.

How much research do you put into your books before writing them?

I love to read history and mythology including books about flower folklore, witchcraft, dragons in many cultures.  Books about real life in historic times are fascinating.

Why did you choose this genre to write?  

Mixing history and fantasy/paranormal is fun.   History has many rules, fantasy has none. The combination is a blast to write.

What makes all your long hours of writing worth it?

Knowing that what was in my mind is out there for others to enjoy.

 If you can say one thing to your readers, what would that be?

Thank you for reading my books.  I truly cherish each and every one of you.

Sinfully Fun

If you were granted 3 wishes what would they be? To be able to write full time.  To spend quality time with every member of my family each and every day.   To live life full of passion.

What’s your guilty pleasure?  VODKA.

Do you have any hidden talents? 😉  I seem to know before anyone says when friends or love ones are pregnant.

Would you rather….

 Read a paperback or on an ereader? I love the Paper back.  I use the e-reader when I travel.

Drink champagne or beer? If I have to choose between those Champagne is a winner… but I prefer vodka!

Heels or flats? Heels. Though my day job is at a sport clothing company so flats are encouraged at work.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

Go to the beach or go to a wintery mountain retreat? Beach.


authorbioLacy Danes made a New Year’s resolution to write a hot, historical romance.Image1

A year and a half later, she achieved her goal. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where besides writing she enjoys playing cards, chasing her kids around, and savoring a great martini with the man of her dreams all while watching the world go by.

Visit Lacy at her web site.







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