Houston Havens

About Me

My life as a model is full of adventures and interesting people. It’s a life for the young. A life were you don’t go to bed until four in the morning and wake up at five in the afternoon. It’s a life of the jet set. A life most people will never experience. It’s a fast paced party-land from Palm Beach to Los Angeles or New York then on to the south of France or Gstaad.
Right now my life is really out there. It’s a crazy life-style, but one I enjoy because it’s a time in America were those of us who want to be carefree can express ourselves in every way. I’m living a life you can only live once.
It’s a lifestyle I will one day draw from when I settle down to enjoy another love of mine. In a time when I’m wiser from all that I’ve gained from my youth. It is then, I will reveal, elaborate and take a writer’s liberty to tell the truth or stretch it a little to fill the pages of my books that I hope will entertain and fascinate those who dare to dream and wonder.
I will write seductive erotica, true paranormal, and sweet romance as well as futuristic realities, because I’ve done it all. It’s a life filled with love and loving. It’s a life you can’t regret, and a life you can’t always admit to.
Update: I am now that traditionally Published Erotic Romance author. I’ve hit the BEST SELLERS list at Amazon’s United Kingdom and in the United States, and I’ve hit the BEST SELLERS list at ARe (All Romance E-books) as well. My first series has been featured in USA TODAY and in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. I’m now with Syn Publishing and Liquid Silver Books!
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