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Interview with Revolution Machine’s drummer Dave Eskridge

This is the final interview with the ROCK BAND REVOLUTION MACHINE! 

Please welcome Drummer Dave Eskridge from the stoner-rock band bass REVOLUTION MACHINE!!


This is an exciting time for you guys ~ you’ve stuck around the business a long time and it’s finally paying off.

How do you feel about finally reaching your goal to get discovered and bringing a NEW sound to a NEW PHASE of Rock and Roll?

Excited and blown away! It’s amazing that we are getting the response to our music that we are. I think people are bored with cookie-cutter bands and we have tried hard to give people something new.


You play a hell of a drum … Tell us how you came up with your ability to play like that. You work magic with those sticks. 

I can’t take all of the credit for that. Genetics and the Grace of God. I get bored rather easily and if what I’m playing bores me, then it will bore others and that’s just unacceptable.  I just try to come up with beats that keep people’s attention.


What are you currently working on, and when can we expect your next CD to come out?

Chapter 1 is only part of the material we have.  I’m not saying for sure but I think a second record within a year is realistic.


Who came up with your unique names for this band? What’s the meaning behind it? 

I don’t really know. We were kicking around a lot of different names and it came out and just stuck.  We like to think that we are part of a trend towards getting back to the ROOTS OF ROCK MUSIC!


Could you take us through some highlights of recording your album, ‘Chapter 1’?

Just having the opportunity was a major highlight. But when you play a song 500 times and it still makes the hair on your arms stand up—that’s what drives me.


How does it feel to have your very first CD sell out it first run?

Great! We knew we had some great material but when it goes over like it has—that’s awesome.


Revolution Machine has successfully blended The sounds of Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin ~ How did you do it? Was this a conscious decision when the band started out or has this sound developed during the course of writing and playing songs?

Steve, Mike and I all grew up and developed our musical taste during the 80s and just naturally graduated towards the bands we cut our teeth on.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I fish… a lot!


What’s the best and worst thing about playing clubs?

The best thing is getting to the fans and crowd interaction, but the worst thing is when the place is dead. I can’t say I enjoy playing to barstools but it happens sometimes.


Message to your fans?

Thank you for the support and we will do our very best to keep you all thoroughly rocked for a long time!


Thank you so much for joining me today, Dave. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you, Steve and Mike. You guys have a wonderful band and I know Revolution Machine will be on the lips of everyone soon! Good Luck to you and the band. I’ll hear you live and soon at my local night spot soon!


A Note from the Publicist – Thank you for hosting the guys. This was their first interview and you made it a ton of fun for them. Thank you to Houston’s fans for stepping away from your novels for a moment to get to know the band!


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Interview with Revolution Machine’s bass player Mike Buckmaster #music

This is a continuing interview with the ROCK BAND REVOLUTION MACHINE! Please welcome bass player of the REVOLUTION MACHINE Mike Buckmaster, who also does backup vocals in the band.


So, how did you get involved with Revolution Machine?

Revolution Machine has been a concept of mine for about 8 yrs. No one ever really understood my music until I met Steve Mullican (singer/guitarist). I showed him some of my songs I had already written and a connection was made. He showed me a few of his songs. After that Steve had an idea for a drummer (Dave Eskridge) and after the first practice we realized we had something special. It was comfortable.


When did you get into playing Bass and why?

I’m actually a guitarist. Have been for about 30 yrs. I play bass for Revolution Machine out of necessity. We tried at least 5 bass players only to realize I was the best fit.


What do you think about downloading music online?

I think downloading music is awesome. It’s a great way to get a variety of genres to explore. I personally listen to a lot of different music. It also helps my music get to a broader audience.


What tracks does the band most enjoy performing live and why?

We actually enjoy playing all our tracks live. We have a few new ones for the next cd we love playing out too. But honestly I think we have the most fun playing “Fly” off the Chapter I cd.


What inspires you to play the music you do?

I’m the kind of person that finds inspiration in just about anything from the news to other artists’ music. What influenced me the most was the first time my parents sat me down and had me listen to Zeppelin IV at around age 7. After I listened to that I was hooked.


What advice would you give to a startup band?

Don’t get married and have children and expect to be a complete fulltime musician. You would be a fulltime husband and father first. So be realistic. Eat sleep and live music and be your own worst critic. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your bandmates style and influences to find your true sound.


What are some of your pet peeves about the music business?

 Well I’m really understanding the music business more and more. My biggest problem is how geography plays such a big role in a bands success. I’ve heard a lot of exception bands that have great music to offer and will never be appreciated. Sad.


How does music affect you and the world around you?

I’ve been married to my wife for about 16 yrs. She has endured my dreams and passions in music. Recording this cd took a toll on the band and the people around us that stood by us till the end. People have believed in this band and it’s pushed us to realize we have something here. This life has brought the musician in my son too. He has grown up with my lifestyle and has embraced it for himself.


What’s new in the recording of your music?

WE decided to go with a younger fresh engineer for this cd who just graduated from recording school. It gave us a chance not to sound like a lot of bands that are out now. They do all sound similar to eachother. We wanted to get away from that and be raw and no nonsense


What are the biggest obstacles in the music business for new and old bands?

Our biggest obstacle, as well as, most homegrown bands is like I said, geography. Unless you’re standing in front of the office of a record label performing to get heard you end up flying just below the radar to even get noticed. The record label really puts you on the map as far as fan base and advertisement and bigger venues.


Thanks Mike for sharing this time with me and my followers … yes, their readers but they also love music, and I’m sure when they click the link to go listen to your sound, they’ll love the Revolution Machine band as much as I do. 

To my readers … please share this post with as many as you can in support of Good old Rock and Roll!



Interview with Lead Singer Steve Mullican from Revolution Machine #music



Please welcome Steve Mullican Lead singer and Guitar player for the Rock band Revolution Machine!

Last week I interviewed the band but I wanted to get an in depth interview of each member of this band so we can get to know them better and get another chance to discover their unique new sound in the Rock and Roll world.   


Please tell my new viewers and remind my faithful readers what type of band Revolution Machine is?

Revolution Machine is a hard rock band, made of three friends with a passion for writing and playing good, hard music that even we would enjoy listening to. Because if we wouldn’t enjoy listening to it, it’s not going to be enjoyable to someone else.


Will you give us a brief history of your band. How long was this band in the making? How many years to develop your sound? Are you three the original members? Whose idea was it to start this band? Where can you be found playing most of the time when not on the road? 

We originally formed as Goliath, due to the fact that Mike and I are both well over 6’ tall and our drummer Dave is, well, not. The three of us have been playing 25 plus years a piece. Mike came up with the concept for Revolution Machine which was much more marketable than Goliath. 

We are the original members, we’ve tried different lineups but the magic was with us three, which is where we ultimately decided to keep it.

Starting the band, it just happened. Something special would happen when the three of us would start playing. One would start playing and the other member would just pick right up on it – adding to the sound. It’s almost like we’re in each other’s heads.


What are your dreams and goals for the band’s future?

The dream is to be able to do this for a living. My goal is to be able to make a comfortable living for my family and myself. The ultimate goal is to share our music with the world and have them enjoy it.


With a name like Mullican did your Irish blood have a wee bit of influence in your amazing sound?

All the way from my red goatee hair, I would think it would have a lot to do with it. The Irish have a rich history of determination and surviving against all odds. I’m no fool, I know I’m not a puking juvvy and that teenage girls aren’t going to have posters of me on their wall. That’s okay with me, that time has passed. However, because I’ve never given up, things have started to happen for Revolution Machine. I sing from the heart, and the emotion comes out in the records, just like the old Irish Folk Songs – my blood is in the music.


What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

It is flooded and that’s why we have to be separate and special. Nowadays it takes people like Houston Havens spreading the word when she hears something she likes, so people can sift through all of the music out there to find the band that speaks directly to them.


How do you promote your band and shows?

 My wife. Word of mouth, flyers, postings on social media, and sometimes investing in advertising.


I know my female viewers would like to know if you’re married?



*Oh shoot girls … he taken!* Ah, so how does your wife handle the groupies?

I have possibly the coolest wife in the world. She has always supported my music and she’s worked her ass off for Revolution Machine. When it comes to groupies, she always says, “They’re just horny die-hard fans.” She’s always sweet to the groupies and allows them to be groupies without a grouchy wife lurking in the background, making them feel self-conscious.  I’ve literally had some of them hand me phone numbers in front of her. As I smile and usually hand her the phone numbers. And her response is, “I think you’re handsome, I’d be nuts to think no one else would find you attractive.”  But she always knows who I’m going home with.


Where can your music be bought?  

We’re all over the place.  We’re on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody etc. To make things easy, people can just go to our website and find buttons that link to their favorite eTailer.  http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com


Thank you so much Steve for coming by today to share who you are and what the Revolution Machine Band is all about with my readers! I know I’ll be seeing you on That Metal Show soon with the rest of the GREATS! HUGS

To my readers … please share this post with as many as you can, in support of bring back Rock and Roll. 




Interview with Revolution Machine #music @RevMach




I liked you to meet the boys in the band ~ handsome Steve Mullican is lead singer and plays a mean guitar. On bass, sexy Mike Buckmaster also does backup vocals, with cutie Dave Eskridge making his magic on drums. Thank you for coming. Last week I did a spotlight on your band and I had such a wonderful response I had to have you back for an interview.

You guys have hit the ground running, your first CD SOLD OUT in it’s very FIRST RUN, and the ‘BIG BOYS’ are watching you for possible contract. That’s very impressive. It says the public has been missing the old rock and roll sound…. I know I have, consider me a new fan of the Revolution Machine!

1. Steve I hear the passion in your voice when you talk about your band. So, tell us about your band, when did you form?

The band started off over four years ago. We originally came out as Goliath but didn’t really know how to market the name. We kinda went with it since the bass player and I are both quite a bit over six foot and we had a little guy on the drums named David. LOL.  But Mike had an idea for Revolution Machine and the whole gas mask concept. So we went with it.


2. What made you bring back the old sound of Rock & Roll with a new twist?

It’s just who I am. It’s being raised on that old school sound and I guess it’s because I am old school but also like some of the new music as well.


3. I heard people calling this new album Stoner Rock… is this true and if so why?

 I would say you could call it whatever you want as long as you’re enjoying it.  People call it stoner rock maybe because they like to party to it. But I’ve found there’s all kinds of things you can do to this music *wink wink*


4. Who’s the talent here when it comes to writing the lyrics? Or is that job shared?

The job is primarily shared between myself and Mike. But Dave, our drummer has also had some great ideas. Anyone who’s ever went through something difficult, that can share in words, can write songs. Writing lyrics is all about sharing your pain and happiness with words.


5. Give us five words to describe your style of music?Understandable, passionate, heavy, meaningful, timeless


6. What live performance experience have you had?

I’ve been playing in bands since the mid 80’s. There’s been countless live performances. There’s no feeling in the world like being on stage seeing the crowd sing your song back to you, or crowd interacting with you when they’re really into your performance. It just feeds energy right into the band.


7. Is there a tour schedule you can share with my viewers to follow you?

There will be shortly. We’re still playing locally, waiting for the right tour to come along, but we may have a big announcement soon.


8. Who was your musical influences that sprung your new sound?

One of the biggest musical influences from jumpstreet was Randy Rhoads, the reason I play guitar today. Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin have always heavily influenced the band. That old school hard rock, but not really heavy metal sound.  That’s what really influenced most of the songs.


9. I’ve heard rumors about a major label deal, can you share any info’ about that yet, or will we have to wait and hear about it from Eddie Trunk on That Metal Show?   

From your lips to God’s ears that you’d hear about us from Eddie Trunk from That Metal Show. How awesome would that be. We don’t want to jinx ourselves. Our music is under review but there have been no contracts signed to date.


10. Have you posted any audio files on the Internet?We’re all over the place.  We’re on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody etc. To make things easy, people can just go to our website and find buttons that link to their favorite eTailer.  http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com


11. What type of recording process did you use? Who produced your recording?Bradon Ebert a top graduate from recording school, who has also been a lifelong friend. So I guess you could say this was low budget with big production sound. 


12:  Tell my viewers where to find and hear your CD and where to visit your website, and how to reach you on twitter.

You can hit our website http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com

There is a webplayer there where you can hear the songs and links to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

On Twitter you can find us at https://twitter.com/RevMach

​Thank you so much for coming back today to give us so much more inspiration with your awesome music and wonderful personalities!


Revolution Machine – Chapter One #Music


Hi all! I know this isn’t about books BUT if you’ve been coming here regularly then you know I never stick to one thing … so it’s not unlike me to go from diary pages to books, to fabulous ROCK BANDS!!

I was out on one of my escapades and ran across these three guys. *Ahum* yes, yes, I know I’m known for liking three …it is my lucky number you know *WINK* Anyway, they blew me away! NO not  THAT way! They blew my mind and ears off! I could not believe their full and rich sound …OMG … These guys are awesome!!!

I have a good instinct and I’m promising you these guys will hit the big record labels soon. So if you want to be able to say, “I saw them, or I was a fan before they were discovered.” Then hop on the band wagon because they’re going to the top IMHO.


Go here you can hear what I’m talking about: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/revolution-machine/id893325927


Their first CD called ‘CHAPTER ONE’ was released at the end of June and completely sold out of the first run ON THE FIRST DAY! Now if that doesn’t impress you and tell you just how AWESOME these guys are, than check them out for yourself. You can keep an eye on them and their schedule at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionMachineRock

Twitter: https://twitter.com/revmach

Website: http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com/

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2lwm2aonLVPXmk30GOlg8k




Hey’s a wee bit of their Bio:

Revolution Machine consists of Mike Buckmaster, Steve Mullican and Dave Eskridge. Our influences are Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and so much more. This album was two and a half years in the making, with creation of some songs dating back to the 80’s.

The band consists of Mike Buckmaster on Bass and backing vocals; Steve Mullican on lead vocals and guitar and Dave Eskridge doing his magic on the drums. Don’t let the three piece fool you – you’re going to swear this is a 5-piece band!

Mike and Steve met five years ago through social media and their brotherhood was instantaneous. Mike’s dreams and musical influences mirrored Steve’s and they set out to make it happen. Ironically, Mike and Dave grew up on the same area and knew each other, but Mike had no idea the magic Dave performs with drums until Steve introduced the two a short time later.  The musical chemistry of the trio creates the driving sound behind Revolution Machine.  http://www.revolutionmachinerock.com/

Through perseverance and straight up determination and a love for writing and performing music, they fought through challenges, financial and otherwise and pushed to make Revolution Machine, Chapter 1 happen.

Chapter 1 was released in mid-2014.


It’s time to rediscover and bring back true – MUSIC – not being screamed at! And words that are words to sing along with, not cursing for the sake of playing at being a “tough guy” because you can repeat the F or C word through and entire three minutes. If you long for a real beat not just the same four notes repeated over and over for 36 frames … Revolution Machine … your NEW BAND!