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Reviews for Phantom Desire


5.0 out of 5 stars Can’t get enough!
Phantom Desire is the second book in the Psychic Ménage Series and just like the first book, I was hooked from the very beginning. Houston Havens created a unique world that has made me eager to read more about it and its characters. As I was reading, it almost felt like I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was so engrossed in this author’s characters and their development that the world around me quickly became a blur. The storyline is beyond interesting, the characters will make you make empathetic to their emotions and the heat in this story exceeds in passion. I really enjoyed how real the characters seemed. The heartache they felt, the need for revenge, the love holding them together, all these emotions were detailed and described so perfectly, that I felt the same emotions going through me, as I was reading. The sex scenes are extremely hot and well placed, the story is well-written, and the story will leave you wanting more. I can’t wait to dive into the next book. Reviewed by Jennifer for MNP.


Anita Cox

5 Star review


Five Stars! It isn’t often I give 5 full stars, but Haven’s expert hand leaves me begging for more.
Sinful Surrender told the story of Fay Avalon, an psychic spy who fell in love with with three brothers. In book 1, she gave us a taste of Fay’s best friend Chandra Lamar, where book 2, Phantom Desire, picks up.
Havens does it again! Book 2 is full of piping hot love scenes, mystery, sci-fi and suspense. Chandra is a warrior—a warrior who is suffering from the loss of someone she dearly loved. This loss has her turned upside down and backward as she tries to maintain her tough exterior while her heart is torn apart, as she struggles with Nikias and Andonis, the Nodin brothers and her lovers.
But that’s not all, not by a long shot! Chandra is out for revenge and to top it off, Havens reveals a few secrets about Fay and Chandra that will knock you off your seat. I want the next book now. I want it. I want them ALL. I absolutely could not put this book down.
Brooke Lynn Berry

5 Star Review of Huston Havens “Phantom Desire”!


When Houston Havens gave me the opportunity to look at the ARC, of her new novel I could hardly wait! Since I finished reading “Sinful Surrender”, I eagerly awaited the follow up. Being given the opportunity to read “Phantom Desire” before anyone else was like giving a choco-holic a life time supply of fine chocolate. Needless to say I was in heaven and here is why.  

Houston develops rich characters with deep emotional turmoil as they struggle to survive in a post apocalyptic dystopian world.  In this novel, Chandra a Psychic spy who has left her own government after the realization she was working for the wrong side. Now she is mortal danger as her government attempts to assassinate her and her best friend Fay for their betrayal. In addition she struggles with great loss and heart ache, and what she can only assume is blame for her part in the loss of the man she loves. Guided by her inner warrior, and the need for revenge she puts herself in harms way to do what she’s always done, protect the ones she loves. 

To say this novel was riveting would be an understatement. I simply could not put it down! I loved every aspect of the intricate plot lines, strong and relatable characters and above all else Houston’s  sex scenes were on fire! I highly recommend this book to anyone. Go get your copy right away!  http://amzn.to/1qXXOHh Released September 1, 2014!


FABULOUS EROTIC SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY ROMANCEThis is the second book in what is to be a 7 book series. Book 2 takes up where the first book, Sinful Surrender, ended. While it is not necessary to read book 1 first, I highly recommend it. This series takes place in the far future when worldwide catastrophies have forced the rich and privileged to live underground (the Dirt Dwellers) while the rest of the population live on the surface of the planet (the Airbornes) or off planet. The heroine in this book, Chandra, just lost her lover, Ortello, in a battle with the Dirt Dwellers. Chandra and Ortello’s two brothers deal with the death of Ortello. Three people come together in mourning and guilt and revenge. Surprising revelations are discovered. And help is received from a spectral lover. I loved the book. It is highly erotic and very emotional. I love the direction this series is taking.

Title: Phantom Desire
Series: Phychic Menage #2
Author: Houston Havens
Genre: Erotic Futuristic Romance, Menage, Romantic Fantasy, Light BDSM
Heat: 4 stars
Source: ARC provided by the author

Cover: 5 stars
Characters: 4 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Heat: 4 stars
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 5 stars
Total: 4.5 stars
* I believe you should read book 1 first, so you can understand the amazing world built by the author*
A thrilling continuation of a wonderful series. Menage taken to another level!
When I first saw the cover, I was a bit disappointed by the third male almost hidden in the shadows. After I read the book, this cover became an obsession. It is so well crafted and thought out, it compliments the story perfectly.  Amazing!
Mind traveler Chandra fall in love with Ortello and his brothers while on the run from her corrupt government. When tragedy hits the Nodin’s family, she must find strength within the unknown so she can save her future and the Nodin’s brothers.
Chandra is a rich character, that learns how to resurface stronger from grief and pain.

“You are acting like our lives are a play to be acted out, and when our parts are done we make our grand exit left, from the stage of life… by dying.”

“What was the lesson I was supposed to have learned from this never ending pain?”

Nikias is the unexpected perfect man. Oh, I love his character!

“More times than not, it’s the women who find the courage to face an issue and then address it. Men? We tend to stick our heads in the sand and hope it’ll all go away.”

“Who is the ghost? How do we know for sure…here in this physical world, we’re not the ghosts in waiting, and the ghost is the one with the real life? Perhaps death here is really life there. Maybe death here is rebirth into real life on the other side.”

Andonis is a deep, hot character! Like Chandra he wants the control.

“The three diamonds symbolized me, you, and Nikias. The Celtic symbol on the back is our beloved Ortello. Never to be forgotten and forever watching over us. Because of him, we three have found each other in an everlasting love.”

“I’m in control now, not you. I can tease you all day if I like. I can build you to a climax but never give you satisfaction. Or I can let you come here and there throughout your seduction.”

Houston Haven’s work is a breath of fresh air!

The author is so incredibly original, that her world built and plot takes the reader to unimaginable places.
Her characters are well-rounded and believable, even when they are ghosts.
The book is fast-paced and the plot is full of twists and turns. The intensity level grows accordingly with the pace and the story keeps the readers guessing until the last page of the book.
Yes, I took a half star out of my review, because of the end. It’s good, but I wasn’t expecting the cliffhanger. It makes me wants to read book 3 today, so Ms. Havens, hurry up!
Oh, have I mentioned how addictive this series is?
I’ve been talking and recommending book one to everybody since the day that I’ve finished reading it, and book 2 is as good, if not better than the first book.
Mary Kirkland
5 Sheep
Ortello Nodin and his brothers, Andonis and Nikias are airbornes and their law stated that all brothers had to agree on a wife and she had to marry all of them or none of them. But Ortello died in a mission and Chandra was injured very badly and is having a hard time getting over his death. Andonis and Nikias had been getting closer to Chandra before their brothers death but have all but pulled away afterwards which was hard for Chandra.Chandra Lamar was a dirt dweller spy with the power to mind travel and was in love with Ortello but he followed her on one of her missions and he died in an explosion along with a lot of others. Chandra is having a really hard time getting her life back in order because her heart is so filled with grief and the fact that Andonis and Nikias no longer act like they want to be around her anymore.Fighting through her own grief as well as realistic feeling nightmares about her dead boyfriend Ortello, Chandra isn’t doing well emotionally and what she really needs are Andonis and Nikias to help her though this awful time but they have pulled away from her and she doesn’t know how to reach out to them.I have to admit, when Ortello’s ghost first showed up in the book, I thought Chandra was losing her mind. Get the girl some psychological help, stat! I kept reading and he showed up again and again and I was having a hard time believing this story had a ghost in it. Why? I have no idea, but it seemed like it was all her imagination at first. I read books with vampires, werewolves and zombies but a ghost pops up in a book and I’m looking for some logical reason why she’s imaging him there and then the title of the book dawned on me..Duh!When Chandra decides to leave on a mission Andonis and Nikias try to talk her out of it because they don’t want her to get hurt or worst, die. I really loved the interaction between these three characters. The arguments, misunderstandings and hurt feelings are true to life and makes them very believable characters.There are a couple of huge twists that I didn’t see coming at all as well as a great surprise. The MMF sex is so erotic at times, this books might need a cold shower warning.If you like ghosts, a heroine who can kick ass and heroes who are exotic as well as erotic, then this is the book for you.

I give this book 5 sheep!
5.0 out of 5 stars Phantom Desire hits the mark! Fantastic read!
By  Susan M
This review is from: Phantom Desire (Psychic Menage Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I think it is very difficult to write a book with a high heat level and a great story. Houston Havens does this in spades! Although you do not have to read the first book in the series, I would highly recommend doing so. The world building and the character development are extremely well done. I cannot wait for the next book as it is moving into an area and a legendary people that I absolutely love. I am fascinated with fairies. There are a number of different groups we are still learning about; dirt dwellers, airbornes, star riders, moles, and mutants. We can’t forget the influence of the old world moles, faeries left on this side of the veil who helped humans who were left behind on the surface survive. The background stories about all of these groups will really hold your interest and you will want to know even more! I love the intricacies of the plot because although each book has been about a group of characters coming together, we are involved in the whole world itself through these characters and the continued conflicts between the different factions. This book involved Chandra Lamar,Ortello, Andonis and Nikias Nodin. The brothers are listed in order of age. The development of Chandra’s relationship with each brother was heartfelt and not only helped Chandra discover things about herself but helped each brother reach their true potentials. I absolutely loved the ending and while some might consider it a cliffhanger, I did not. This story was complete and the ending just set the tone for the next portion of this fantastic series! Highly recommended!
 Paranormal Romance and Author That Rock
Awesome story telling.  Paranormal and scifi readers both will love Houston Haven’s latest in the Psychic Menage series.  It’s got romance, it’s got hot, sizzling sex, it’s got suspense, everything you can think of!  The characters are even more engaging in this book, if that’s possible!

Not a book for younger readers by any means, it hits the spot for the pure romance and the steamy sex readers both!  It even hits my scifi craving with new vistas to explore as the war for Earth continues.

This series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the scarcity of females among the surface dwellers has started a new law.  A woman doesn’t marry a man, she marries him and his brothers.  And the men seem to come in threes.  Always was my favorite number…….5 Fangs

 rosepagebreak60Jody F
My rating for this is an A.
On Amazon – 5 stars Steamy & Exhilarating Futuristic Read
This story picks up right where the previous story ended as Chandra is left dealing with the loss of her lover Ortello and the realization that she had a small part in it by working for a government she now realizes is corrupt.  She’s having difficulties dealing with it as he was her first true love and showed her the strength in loving and being loved.  On top of her emotional turmoil is the threat of death to her and her friend Fay from the government for their changing sides.  As if all that weren’t enough to keep her life in turmoil there’s the intense attraction to and from the Nodin brothers left behind along with the unexpected support of Ortello still looming.
Ms. Havens has crafted an exciting story full of twists and turns, richly developed characters, steamy interludes, and a vividly detailed world being ripped apart by war.  There’s a war going on on a sensual level too as the remaining Nodin brothers are dealing with their grief in their own way while trying to deepen their connection to Chandra.  For youngest brother Nikias, he’s truly wise beyond his years showing great emotional depth.  Older brother Andonis is full of rage towards himself and even Chandra and desperately wants to take control to keep those he loves safe which Chandra doesn’t accept easily in their battle of the sexes.  This battle is intensely erotic as these brothers are super sexy with unique personalities to give a girl everything she wants.  Chandra is a strong-willed woman with revenge on her mind though she can’t help being drawn to them and the support and comfort they offer that empowers her even further and puts her even closer to danger.  There’s lots of heartfelt and tear-inducing moments along with the steamy interludes though that reflects their deepening relationship that not only empowers Chandra but makes her men the best they can be too.
This is a fast-paced story full of unexpected twists and turns and intriguing revelations about Chandra and Fay with ramifications I can’t wait to see played out that sweeps readers along in a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The plot is intricately woven, hinting at new creatures and myths, but Ms. Havens juggles every aspect masterfully.  The ending culminates in a cliffhanger, but oh what a cliffhanger it is!  I’m now left on pins and needles waiting for more from this cleverly crafted tale that perfectly balances erotica with suspense, sci-fi, and bits of the paranormal to give every reader their heart’s desire.  If you haven’t yet started reading this series…..well, what are you waiting for?!?
My rating for this is an A.
5.0 out of 5 stars Another hit for the science fiction romance set to fall in love with!
Awesome story telling. Paranormal and scifi readers both will love Houston Haven’s latest in the Psychic Menage series. It’s got romance, it’s got hot, sizzling sex, it’s got suspense, everything you can think of! The characters are even more engaging in this book, if that’s possible!Not a book for younger readers by any means, it hits the spot for the pure romance and the steamy sex readers both! It even hits my scifi craving with new vistas to explore as the war for Earth continues.This series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the scarcity of females among the surface dwellers has started a new law. A woman doesn’t marry a man, she marries him and his brothers. And the men seem to come in threes. Always was my favorite number…….



5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, have it in E-book form and Paperback, September 5, 2014
Wow, what just happened? Oh, I read Sinful Surrender. Loved it, have it in E-book form and Paperback. But this? A+ for pulling my emotions out just by reading about their struggles and triumphs. Seriously, I read this genre all the time. Never have I had one affect me on a visceral level. Not to mention there is NO WAY I could have imagined the changes or turns reflected in this book. You know, most, if not all, usually follow some sort of formula (or so it seems at times). Can’t in anyway say that is the case. You won’t be guessing this ending. All of this is to say WOW! I am not sure what I can say without there being a spoiler alert. If you read book one, Sinful Surrender, you know most of the peeps in the book. If you haven’t, and this is your first, I don’t want to ruin it. Let me just say that good things happen in threes and A++ for bringing the heat! A cold shower is in my future.
Review by Robin
Sizzling Hot Books

After reading Sinful Surrender, the first book in Houston Havens’ Psychic Ménage series, I couldn’t wait to sit down and dive into the second book, Phantom Desire. Now that I have read it, I have something I’m dying to tell Ms. Havens – “WTF! How could you? You pulled me into this amazing world, broke my heart and put it back together, and then you leave me with that ending? Are you trying to kill me? I hope that you are writing the third book right now or I may have to become one of those super crazy stalkers who will haunt you until the book is done.” Thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest.

Phantom Desire picks up right where Sinful Surrender left off except now the book focuses on Fay’s best friend, Chandra. When I first began reading, I found myself shaking my head in confusion. I wasn’t sure what was going on but eventually realized that this was the point. Ms. Havens’ brilliantly put me into Chandra’s mindset and her own confusion after the death of a loved one. Once Chandra realized what was happening, then as the reader, I too finally understood.

There was so much emotion on every page of this book as Chandra and her lovers, Nikias and Adonis, had to deal with grief and guilt. Every thought they had, every tear they shed, was so authentic that I forgot I was reading about fictional characters. It was so sad to see the trio let their misunderstandings come between them. Guilt is such a powerful emotion and yet frustrating at the same time. I was never sure if I wanted to hug these characters or slap them, but I never stopped caring about them.

What amazed me about both books in the series, is how vested I was in the non-romance part of the story. I don’t typically enjoy paranormal, yet I was mired so deep in the ongoing battle between the Dirt Dwellers and the Airbornes that I could have cared less what genre the book identified itself as. The mystery and suspense pulled me in further into the story which is why when I reached the ending I screamed at my e-reader. I refuse to spoil the fun for you, so let’s just say that you need to read this book and read it as soon as possible.

Ms. Havens’ ability to write the romance, the passion, the mystery and the paranormal equally is quite the gift. She is able to perfectly blend all of the aspects into a story that flows so naturally you will completely lose track of time while you are reading. The mystery will keep you turning the pages, the sci-fi will get your creative juices going, and the passion will get other juices going.

I do not recommend reading Phantom Desire without reading Sinful Surrender first. This series is more of a continuing drama and therefore you will need all the pieces to understand the complete puzzle. And now that Ms. Havens has shown the reader another piece of the puzzle, I am counting down the days until the third book is available. If Ms. Havens knows what’s good for her, then she won’t make me wait too long. I can be a very annoying stalker!

rosepagebreak60The Jeep Diva

Review by Stormy Vixen



On the run, Chandra’s desires for a life she fears she’ll never have is awakened by a ghost, one that along with a psychic vision are pushing her to remember her past because it threatens what she wants now…Andonis and Nikias, in this riveting erotic psychic menage post apocalyptic romance.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with suspense, excitement and passion. The author brings the story to life with well written words and details that capture the imagination and the fascinating world draws the reader the deeper into the story. The characters are strong, compelling and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and spine tingling suspense builds throughout the story ensuring the reader wants to know every last detail.

Chandra is still in love with Orthello but she can’t deny her attraction for his brothers Andonis and Nikias which burns just as hot. But the relationship can’t move on until they all come to terms with their emotional issues and learn how to communicate a little better. The reader can’t help but get caught up in the emotionally gripping drama as the three work on their issues while giving in to their red hot desires with frequent steamy sex scenes including m/f/m, anal sex, some light bdsm and phantom sex sceens.

Meanwhile, their enemies are still planning horrendous acts of violence and Chandra’s need for vengeance push her to go on another mission and something is trying to get her to remember a past that she has no inkling of before it’s too late which adds lots of excitement to the story and along with some surprising twists keeps the readers on their toes.  I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning and I can’t wait to read the next one. I must recommend that the books be read in sequence to get the full understanding of the world and how the characters arrived where they are.


Evelise Archer

A five handcuff review


Phantom Desire by Houston Havens was a sexy read. Intrigue, deception and dynamite sex, were just a few of the wonderful things delivered by Ms. Havens.

Chandra, warrior woman, psychic traveler and grieving lover of Ortello, Chandra must find a way to overcome a past she does not remember and the knowledge she has fallen for the Nodin brothers.

Phantom Desire began where Sinful Surrender ended and I would recommend they be read in order. Ms. Havens provided a dystopian world of intrigue and imagination that kept this reader on the edge of her seat. I loved Chandra~ her strength, her determination and her ability to love with a fierceness like no other.

No spoilers, but Ms. Havens delivered bits of information that are sure to keep you captivated and guessing.

I look forward to the next book in the series and more insight into the world of Mind Travelers and Airbornes.

Definite S.E.X.


Review by Jonel


Rating: ★★★★★

This novel is steaming hot! Havens returns to the world that she created in Sinful surrender with a vigour that you won’t soon be able to forget. Erotic romance, SciFi, & the paranormal all combine into a seamless whole. Her descriptions make everything pop in a larger than life manner while the narrative takes you on a heart pounding adventure. This uniquely inspire novel kept me captivated throughout. I will warn you, however, that a great deal of world building goes on in the first novel of the series. I’d suggest reading them in order.

This novel is much more focused on the characters than on the world around them, as the first novel in the series was. The multifaceted, three dimensional cast of characters in this novel makes the entire story pop. The mixture of emotions throughout this novel is breathtaking. I felt for and with the characters. I also enjoyed the dialogue. The natural flow was very pleasing. The characters’ exclamations are priceless. It really makes you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the conversation. I also enjoyed their interactions with one another. They were real & many times comical. I still can’t stop laughing about the spray tan blooper.

Overall, this was a brilliant novel that I’d definitely recommend to others, and re-read myself. Havens leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end, and I definitely can’t wait to see what happens next.


Review by Jackie – Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

4 Stars



The much anticipated sequel to book 1 Sinful Surrender where we first meet Chandra as a secondary character. She now has her own story and it was every bit as action packed and scintillatingly hot as the first in the Psychic Menage series.

Right off the bat be prepared as the opening scenes are hot and heavy, if you are not someone who gets easily perturbed than the boundaries that are pushed will be easily accepted and taken in stride as you read on but if you are than maybe this is not the story for you.

That being said this is ”fantasy” we are reading not reality based so it should be remembered that pretty much anything goes when the imagination is given free rein.

The sexual intensity that drove the characters in the first book is still at the forefront in this second and at times comes close for me in overshadowing the other story lines that are touched on, not quite becoming too much but definitely making it known that this is indeed an erotic romance.

How does one overcome despair after losing their greatest love, maybe by finding out that love comes in many different levels and that by opening up to possibilities can even be experienced with more than one person at a time. Chandra is still in love with Ortello even after death as he is with her, however her affections for his brothers are being renewed as well.

I was totally rooting for things to work out for the best for Adonis, his guilt from both past and present were such heavy burdens that it was not surprising he almost gave up on his own need for personal happiness.

It was no surprise when Nikias turned out to be a wonderful fun character. Despite painful past taunts about his albino heritage of the three brothers he has the most positive restful outlook on life and it is exactly what Chandra finds so engaging besides his physical appeal which, like the other two Nodin brothers, is very much to her liking.

Reading along as the men work out their issues along with Chandra is at times like watching a ping pong game, but well worth the effort to keep up with the back and forth.

I thought the ongoing conflict with the Underworld Government that keeps the Dirt Dwellers suspicious of if not fighting the Airbornes was developed a bit more quite nicely as well as we get more insight into the politics of the world that the characters inhabit.

The end result of this story has some surprises in store not only for the reader but for the characters as well, setting up the next book in a way that is not so much abrupt but just leaves one wishing to know what happens next while feeling very happy for how things turned out for Chandra.




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