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Exposed Ecstasy Excerpt:Exposed Ecstasy (Psychic Menage #3) by Houston Havens

“Don’t.” Faerydae’s voice held an anxious edge.

Despite his warning, at a snail’s pace she tilted her head to the side, and pulled on his face until he groaned in defeat and lowered his mouth to hers. The second their lips touched, her body ignited like an erupting volcano. Exploding with desires she hadn’t expected. How was that possible? She had feelings for Shomar. Against her better judgment, she opened her mouth. His tongue accepted her silent invitation. The devil’s fire stirred at the very core of her, making her heart ache with a burning need.

Damn. She shouldn’t be kissing him. She should have listened to Faerydae. It was only because of this stupid situation that she was kissing him in the first place. Despite her knowing better, her body worked as if it had a mind of its own. She was like a moth to a flame, her mind searched for the completion of this treacherous adventure with Faerydae, but her desires had other ideas.

She weaved her hands into his finger-combed locks. The silkiness of his hair created a surge of heat between her legs. She whispered in her ear. “I confess. The flash you got of my panties on the ship—I did it on purpose.”

Faerydae’s hands came up as if to remove her arms from around his neck. Instead, he caressed her forearms with a loving touch, before trailing his fingertips in a titillating path down the sides of her breasts and then farther down her body. “Damn ya,” he breath over her lips before merging his mouth to hers.

Everything inside her told her she should make this kiss quick. Very quick, but her lips seemed glued to his as his hot tongue thrust into her mouth, fencing with hers in a dangerous game of hungry seduction.

Something in her chose to ignore all the warnings her mind was shouting at her from some soundproof corner of her brain. She worked her mouth over Faerydae’s soft lips with a need so unprecedented in her before, it left her craving his touch, his smell, and a longing for his cock.

Her mind surrendered to his gentle caresses. His touch spoke of a hidden passion he held for her, and drew on the negated desire she had for him. She should withdraw, but couldn’t. The only thing consuming her was her emotions and Faerydae’s touch. She glided her hands in a wanton trail down to his lower back and hugged his hips closer to hers. Faerydae’s body stiffened. Need made her slide her fingers back up his lean torso, all the way to his chin-length hair before stroking just the very tips of her fingernails over the flesh of his neck.

A low rumble from Faerydae’s chest hinted of his struggle to fight his own denied passions. He groaned, ripping his mouth from hers as his hands gripped her shoulders and set her away from him, but no farther than the boundary of his arms. He scorched her with his gaze, allowing it to sear deep into her with an unspoken question she couldn’t quite read. He swept his tongue across his bottom lip as if savoring her taste and Tessla’s knees almost gave way.

Beneath his breath Faerydae said, “I can’t control this. This is no ordinary need.”

“No…it isn’t.” She mirrored his tongue stroke over her own bottom lip, tasting his sweetness. Her heart fluttered as if a thousand humming bird flitted in her bosom, making her breathless with their quivering flaps.

Resting his forehead against hers, Faerydae breathed out a heavy breath, “Do ya feel what I feel?”

“I do.” She pressed her hips into him.

A deep growl of surrender came from Faerydae in response to her confession. “Ya shouldn’t have admitted that, Princess.” He backed her against the wall and kissed her one more time with a burning passion. “I want ya,” he murmured against her lips. The way he ran his hands over her covered breasts caused her body to heat and her mind to sizzle with raw lust.

“Make love to me.” She swallowed hard against the words she just uttered. What was she thinking? She wasn’t. She locked her leg around his waist and pulled him in for another long, passionate kiss. Shomar’s sweet handsomeness flashed in her mind and guilt stabbed at her heart. She shoved Faerydae back, breaking their connection. “We can’t do this.”

Her breaths came in ragged gulps. It was too late now for either of them to declare these kinds of intimate feelings. She’d already let Shomar know she was interested in him, and she was. Damn it, she was!

Before she could say another word, Faerydae recovered from her shove and returned to claim her mouth once again. The passion she felt in his lips and embrace were devouring her every emotion. She pressed away from him, confused. Drawing a deep breath, her brain fog lifted, giving her enough oxygen to form a logical thought, or so she thought.

There was only one logical reason she could think of for her behavior with Faerydae.


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